favorite Your Favorite Kubrick Film

I know- I know, having to pick a favorite from Kubrick's repertoire? Blasphemy! But, I can eventually decided that my favorite of his is A Clockwork Orange. It's beautifully shot, hauntingly edited and just a great work of art.
I love all Kubrick and love horror. Now I love horror but honestly don't think I've ever been scared by a movie (I mean sure I get the "cats screams and jumps out" scared) in a way that continued to freak me out after it was over. The Shining made me need to watch The Simpsons in order to "normalize" ---THE SHINING----- I gotta go with that. ---- sorry, iphone posting with fat thumbs difficult...
I don't think I could choose between 2001, The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut. I love them all for very different reasons.

And of course, I love all the rest. A local theater used to run A Clockwork Orange every summer as part of their midnight movie series, always near my birthday. Lots of fond memories there!
Well, I like 2001, but Arthur C. Clarke said that it takes more than one viewing to understand it, which makes the whole shebang a little too pretentious for my liking. Dr Strangelove is good, but, quite honestly, I'm not a Kubrick fanatic.
I either LOVE his films or absolutely HATE them, depending on the film.

Loved: 2001, The Shinning

Hated: Full Metal Jacket, A Clock Work Orange

Favorite would have to be The Shinning, it's just brilliant!
2001, Strangelove, or Clockwork. All three are very fascinating films.
After those I'd have to say Full Metal Jacket, The Shining, or Paths of Glory.

mrbigchin why do you hate those two films?
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On my favorite list of all movies "The Killing" ranks number 3.
So that would be my favorite Kubrick film.
I haven't seen them all. I know...I suck.

But of the ones I've seen, I think it'd have to be Full Metal Jacket. Actually, easily so. Full Metal Jacket is about as potent a movie as has ever been made. It's grim. It's dark. I understand why some would want to turn away from it. But it's also brilliant in that it really becomes high art. By high art I mean that it's more than just a film or more than just entertainment. It transcends being simple entertainment, and says something important and worth our attention. But I suppose that's true of all of his movies, which is one reason why he's such an important filmmaker.
mrbigchin why do you hate those two films?

FMJ: The first part is probably some of the funniest in film history and honestly i wish the film was more of that. The 2nd part is basically an entirely different movie, but not one I enjoyed. It's basically just a bunch of random scenes with no sense of direction or story. And the characters, when they start getting killed off I found it impossible to care because I felt like I wasn't given reason to care. And then the movie just kinda ends...

Clock Orange: This movie was very weird, but it just wasn't a weird I enjoyed.

I think he's a fine director I just find myself having polar opinions about his films.