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  • Sweet. Thanks, man. I don't know what the hipster scene is like in Texas, but I seriously doubt it's anything like Richmond. This city is hipster-central, and they are a rowdy bunch. I think I can create some kind of lawlessness, like in the old west. Also, the hipster bike community tends to roam in these sort-of bike gangs. That's got Western written all over it.

    Thanks for the suggestion; I'll check it out. And I'll definitely keep you posted on "Antihero". Thanks a bunch!
    I dunno which is the correct cell/adapter combo.

    I have a Tundra D-3B lightmeter. It's an analogue one, with a needle. It was about $70 new. (I'm too cheap to spring for a new digital one) If you get an analogue meter, make sure it has "cine wheel" on the scale, which lets you make minor adjustments based on the fps you are shooting at.

    There are recommendations for other brands on the forum. :)
    Make sure you get the correct modern cells, too. You really want to be using a light meter anyway.

    For film purchasing, just order direct from Kodak. You can't order online with them, but they have a toll-free number. Simply tell them what you want, give them CC info, and they ship right away.

    For processing & 'cine, I use Yale Film & Video.

    There are many others, but I think Yale has the best value.

    sorry, i lost my internet for the last 3 days and havent really been on here.

    so, wats going on? are you going to pm me a link or want me to mail you...?
    Yep. Writing a response to it tonight. Also, I've got a quick fix for the formatting, though my quick fix is only a free software that will be tremendously easier to use than what you're doing (I gotta google it to find it)-- you'll still have to learn all the more detailed screenwriting formatting rules that I can't teach ya, cuz I'm a total rookie screenwriter. Anyway, I read it yesterday, and I'll be sure to send a response before I head to bed. Cheers.
    Sure. How long is it?
    I wont be able to help you improving its technical aspects since i myself just know the basics. but other ppl here can and will, im sure.
    i can tell you how it reads and if the story needs something here or there.
    PM me a link or ur email or whichever way u want to do it.
    Yeah. Thanks for thinking of me for this. Depending on how long it is, I may or may not have time to read the whole thing, but please definitely send it my way, and I'll check it out.

    I'm no screenwriter, to be frank. On this forum, I'm a big fan of Adeimantus. Buddy Greeny also offers a ton of great advice.
    Send it to:

    I'll try to get you feedback tonight. If not, I'll get it to you by tomorrow afternoon.
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