Unlimited Theatre Pass for $10 a month


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Okay so here is my update.. this thing is great.

ONE TIME the app had incorrect showtimes and when I went to the theatre there was nothing for me to watch. Generally though its been fantastic and I go to the theatre a lot more often.

It looks like this is too good to last, so far the parent companies stock has plummeted 60% this year... They're dilluting shareholder stock now by creating new stock and selling it for cash.



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"Peak pricing" aka if you want to see a movie in the evening when prices are the highest moviepass is going to nail you with a surcharge now starting july

In the spirit of innovation and growth, we are now announcing the next phase in the evolution of our product: Demand Pricing.

In the coming weeks, we will roll out three different upgrades to our base $9.95 service for our members.

Bring-A-Guest: MoviePass members will be able to purchase extra tickets to a showing of a movie right through the MoviePass app, so that you can seamlessly reserve seats for you and your friends (at e-ticketing partner theaters) to watch a film even if they aren’t MoviePass subscribers. As a benefit, if your friend signs up for MoviePass within 24 hours, we’ll refund the entire cost of the ticket!

Peak Pricing: MoviePass is committed to maintaining our low monthly price as we continue to grow rapidly. Rather than raise our prices or limit viewings, our plan has been to develop a new variable pricing system based on the demand for particular showtimes. Under this plan, if the combination of demand for a title, date or part of day is higher, subscribers may be asked to pay a small additional fee depending on the level of demand. You can avoid this peak surcharge by choosing an alternative date or film. We will also soon give subscribers one “peak pass” per month, allowing them to waive a Peak Price surcharge once per month. Annual and Quarterly subscribers will not incur peak pricing until their current subscription term ends and then renews.

Premium Showings: MoviePass members on any plan will soon be able to access RealD 3D, IMAX 2D or 3D, and other Premium Large Format showings of any film for an additional upgrade fee.


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this peak pricing is some BS man.
They want to charge me $4 to watch any movie at 10pm on a sunday except incredibles 2.

Sunday at 10pm for movies that came out a week ago and they're calling it peak pricing.
This company is so screwed, AMC is offering a competitive alternative at $20/month

And with AMC you can see movies 3 times a week INCLUDING 3D, actually reserve seats in advance, and no peak pricing surcharges.
That's pretty nice ... Two 3d movies a month and you're getting a better deal than with moviepass.


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Well movie lovers it was fun while it lased..
They want to charge $6 "peak pricing" for every movie.. even these weekday movies where the prices are only $8.50 for the ticket.

MoviePass is going down in the history of fail as a punchline.
They're hemorrhaging cash and they disabled the unsubscribe button in their application :lol:


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I never got the Movie Pass. The three closest theaters to me
did not take it. However one of those theaters is an AMC so
I got theirs.

Not even a month in and i've gotten my moneys worth.


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It's a cinemark by me and their deal isn't nearly as good as the AMC one.
And unfortunately moviepass has one foot in the grave, it'll probably die officially this week.

Although the business tanked the fact that it convinced AMC to offer it's deal is great!
Hopefully with moviepass gone AMC doesn't change it's mind.
Here today, gone tomorrow


I'm not surprised. Their service was crap. AMC Stubs A-list and Regal Unlimited are both great deals for the customer and a much more viable business model. I've been quite happy with both. Ever since they switched to ten bucks a month, moviepass was a sinking ship and an absolute pain in the ass.