top-list top ten secret shame movies

movies that you dont like anyone knowing you like but you watch them every time they come on.
no judging
no paticular order
1. grease
2. footloose
3. roadhouse
4. any friday the 13th movies
5. legally blonde
6. terminator
7. ready to rumble
8. any sylvestor stallone movie
9. critters
10. the best worst of all and remember no judging xanadu- im sorry
Xanadu was an awesome movie! Olivia Newton-John... rawr!

I need a while to come up with 10 for this. Great topic idea. :)
1.Con Air
2.Wizard of OZ
3.Scobby Doo Movies (Cartoons)
4.Cannon Ball Run
5. Smokey and the Bandit
6. Bill and Ted Movies
7. The Duck Tales movie
8. Footloose
9.Top Gun
10. The Brady Bunch movie
In no particular order:

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Major League
Roadhouse (nice call, texasvenom)
Knightriders (classic Romero)
Breakfast Club
Evil Dead Trilogy
Crossroads (Ralph Macchio version, not Britney)
what is it about the evil dead movies? i ve seen jr high projects with better performances. but i actually bought all three of them and watch them atleast 2 rimes a year and always at halloween.

off the top of my head:

Bring It On
Girl Next Door
Escape From NY
Spinal Tap
Groose Point Plank
anything with Mandy Moore (what can I say?)
I don't believe in secret shames or guilty pleasures. If I like a movie, I like a movie and I'm not afraid to admit it. Good movies are rare enough, you might as well share them with the rest fo the world.

That said, you all should be ashamed for liking these movies. :)
In No Particular Order...

1 Thirteen Days (Even though Bruce Greenwood was not even close as JFK, he gave a good performance and the historical accuracy is unprecedented. This is the movie that made me interested in, not only history, but politics. I hadn't known how close the world had come to Armageddon.)

2 Menace II Society (Flawless performances by Larenz Tate and Tyrin Turner - and the rest of the cast did a good job, also. *Tupac was originally cast as O-Dog, by the way, but things didn't work out.)

3 Contact (My favorite E.T.-related movie to date. Deep!)

4 Usual Suspects (Christopher McQuarrie won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for this one- well deserved! Brilliant casting, flawlessly shot and edited. Kevin Spacey solidified his spot on my "Favorite Character Actors" list.)

5 Gladiator (Russell Crowe at the top of his game- another great character actor. Well written, directed and choreographed.)

6 Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Especially The Two Towers- I'm still not completely convinced that these stories are fictional! Considering that Tolken claimed he could recognize languages he'd never heard before and that he wrote the books to create a world in which he could use a language he had created- Elvish- I get the sense that maybe he could somehow percieve events that had actually occurred at some other time or on some other level of earthly existence. And Peter Jackson performed no small miracle in capturing the feel of the books. Ian McKellan is Gandolf!)

7 Five On The Black Hand Side (A brilliant comedy with an all-Black ensemble cast; wholesome and intelligent at a time when blaxploitation films, although entertaining and humorous, polluted the culture. Brilliant characters- a perfect example of how stereotypes can be positive. No pimps, no hoes, no thugs- a whole 'nother side of Black America. I could watch this movie once a day for the next two years, at least.)

8 White Heat (Classic Cagney! "Top of the world, Ma!" Need I say more?!?!

9 Made (The Seinfeld of mob flicks! Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn are never better than when together.)

10 Unbreakable (M. Night Shyamalan's second- and, so far, his last- masterpiece. Brilliantly subtle for a superhero flick...I was intrigued by the relative scarcity of action. Samuel L. Jackson sits atop my "Favorite Character Actors" list. Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis; that's not a complaint. And, for the record, Signs, although still a good film, fell short of my expections; The Village, on the other hand, was a travesty. How could the monsters not be real?

I have about 30 other movies in my top ten list, but I'll leave some space for everyone else...
W B Epps

The top ten movies that you don't like anyone knowing you like, includes movies like Terminator, Knightriders, Evil Dead, Breakfast Club, Spinal Tap, Heathers, Escape From New York, Usual Suspects and even the LOTR films.

All great movies that I am proud to love. Several of them changed the genre forever and many of those mentioned launched the career of the writer, director, producer or stars.

In this company I hate to tell you the movies I like, but don’t want anyone to know that I like.
off topic, what about Weezer fans? Did it feel like you were "comming out of the closet," when you admitted you liked weezer for the first time. Not that there is anything gay about them, there just so weired I find it kind of hard to admit I like them.

To the topic, My Best Friends Wedding is one of my top five favorite movies. And some people are naming some really good popular Hollywood movies. Is anyone really ashamed that they like Terminator or LOTR? Personally I think it will be another 20 years before I can watch another LOTR movie, but a lot of people like them and I never saw any shame in it. Xanadu on the other hand, is a prime example of a shame to watch movie.
Good point directorik...


Actually I don't have any secret shame movies- well maybe some adult flicks, but I won't taint this site with those- so I just posted some of my favorites- Sorry if my post is out of place here...

Sometimes I might watch a bad movie just to be amused by how bad it is- like those Sci-Fi channel movies, but I would never buy one or watch it twice...
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off topic, what about Weezer fans? Did it feel like you were "comming out of the closet," when you admitted you liked weezer for the first time. Not that there is anything gay about them, there just so weired I find it kind of hard to admit I like them.

I admit, quite freely, I am a Weezer fan. I'm also a fan of Bebe Buell (Liv Tyler's mum). She made a little known ep called, 'Covers Girl' (extended play record-YES, RECORD) from the mid-80's, produced by Todd Rundgren. It had a remake of the Bowie/Pop song, 'Funtime'...a great piece of vinyl which I'm proud to be a fan off :yes: .
...I don't know if I am ashamed :D to like these films, but I get alittle grief for liking them. That being said, I like what I like and that's that. Don't judge me, damn it! :lol: In no particular order....

1. Queen of the Damned - Redeeming Quality: A soundtrack produced by Jonathan Davis of Korn, and 2 tracks headed up by David Draiman of Disturbed. Oh, hell yeah!

2. Fried Green Tomatoes - I have no explaination for this, I jus' like it

3. First Blood - uh, yeah,

4. The Wiz - Best remake of the Wizard of Oz, Eviline gets flushed down the toilet (instead of water melting her). Funneee! Geez, Michael Jackson actually looked like a real person

5. 9 1/2 Weeks - I know, I know, don't even say it... (an interesting book, though, you can read it in about an hour)

6. The Sound of Music - sugar shock, anyone?

7. Uptown Saturday Night - Pimps, Hoes, gangsters and a missing million dollar lottery ticket. Redeeming Quality? The Cast: Bill Cosby, Sidney Portier (sp?) Harry Belafonte and Ron O'Neal, watch it every time...

8. Dirty Dancing - Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

...I am working on the last two, and don't be knocking the Evil Dead trilogy, LOVE those films, AND THE USUAL SUSPECTS is in my top 3 FAVORITE films...

--spinner :cool:
spinner said:
2. Fried Green Tomatoes - I have no explaination for this, I jus' like it

I freakin' LOVED this movie. Could not stop crying. Of course...lost my mother in the same way at the same real LONG time sympathies needed, just explaining the tears)

Mary Louise Parker ROCKS!

Can't wait for WEEDS on Showtime.