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  • I am an aspiring film composer with much knowledge in music and have been in the music field for the last 10 years. I was wondering if you are looking for someone to compose music for any upcoming projects you may be involved with. I just watched the teaser for One Night Stand and needless to say I was very intrigued. I am a huge fan of the horror genre and Im always interested to see the next wave. This would be my first attempt at scoring a film but I am looking for that first oppurtunity to get my foot in the door in this field. What I may lack in experience I can make up for in drive and determination and I feel like I can really add something special. Thanx for your time. If interested, I can attach a song Ive written that can show what Im capable of, but not limited too at this time.

    Doug McCarthy
    Cornelius screening in Hartford CT.
    If you're in CT on Nov 8th please come check out our screening at the Hartford International Film Festival at 7:00pm. The screening is at the Wilde Auditorium with a Q&A after with the Director, some of the Actors and the co-Producer (myself). After Party at Sully's pub with LA band Shu-Sho!!!

    PM me for ticket information.
    Cornelius Website - www.corneliusthemovie.com
    Cornelius Trailer - www.openfilm.com/videos/cornelius_trailer/
    Shu-Sho Wesbite - www.shu-sho.com/
    Sully's Pub Website - www.sullyspub.com/

    Thanks sooo much!!! :cheers:

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