top-list top ten secret shame movies

...are we adding tv to this list?....

i watch atleast an hour of it everytime, this is so hard, ok just breathe, just breathe, here it is... SAVED BY THE BELL, AAAAAAUGH. cant believe i just admitted that. i dont know what it is. i watch an hour of that and never laugh, often finding my self wanting to jump through the tv and punch everyone of them, especially, screech, i wish he would die, but im drawn in like a deer in headlights, and the girls arent even cute, dont judge, just help. I am in trouble, but admitting you(I) have a problem is the first step :D ...
I watch 'Real World', now I really am embarrassed... :rolleyes:

...its different with movies, I like what I like, but tv, there's so much junk on there... at least I don't watch those talk shows....uh, did I mention 'Resident Evil' for the movies? (sigh)... I also remember Zardoz and hey! I love 'Legends of the Fall' though I like Brad Pitt better in '12 Monkeys'

--spinner :cool:
I tend to creep out of the room when my wife begins watching "The Real World." It's been hard this season with it being in Austin. I keep wanting to see the job the photogs did in capturing the city I love (which has been pretty poor up until this point...they're only getting shots of downtown...and cows - people, you have to drive fifteen miles outside of the city to see cows).

My biggest weakness --- Big Brother (Vote Kaysar!!!). It's a big game of strategy that you can win or lose in so many ways.

i cannot get enough of the ellen, when im home at at three every now and then, i cant but dance with ellen and often find my self laughing.
Ha! This is my kinda topic!

1. Cannonball Run
2. Top Gun
3. Commando
4. Three Amigos
5. Cannonball Run 2
6. Police Acadamy
7. Mallrats
8 Mean Girls (with Lohan)
9. Ford Fairlane
10.Con Air

I'm sure there are FAR more (most of my DVD collection would class as guilty pleasure movies!!!)

Phil Hobden
-- Modern Life? --
Anything with Chevy Chase or Rodney Dangerfield in it. Quality of film-making is always awful, but the irreverent wit is what keeps it alive.
White Christmas
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Dirty Dancing
Exit To Eden (yeah, I know, I am truly sick)
Real Genius ( I love Val Kilmer)
The Ten Commandments
The Quiet Man

Some of these are just good movies (like the old MGM musicals- love em all!) that I feel silly admitting to as an Indie Filmmaker... Others are just my strangeness- The Ten Commandments... :)
Everything with John Candy
(never come up with his movies as ones I want to watch, but laugh heartily while they are on)
Revenge of the Nerds, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, Risky Business, The Great Escape, Top Gun and The Great Dictator.

I am also a big fan of "HAPPY DAYS!"
NEVER!!! Blasphamy! How dare you... (slapping glove around your face) DUEL!!! I challange you to a duel. Next your be telling me Top Gun is over rated!! (Don't you even think about it...)

Phil Hobden
-- Modern Life?--
Top Gun- a quandry to be sure. Major popcorn movie, and anything with Val Kilmer makes it watchable. Plus, Anthony Edwards as a hard navy pilot?!

In an interesting side note, Edwards was once interviewed on tv about Top Gun and said that it was 'jingoistic' and was embarrassed to have made it, but it was a paycheck.

But C'mon Phil, it's got one of the thinnest plots out there. 80's rock music, fast planes and pretty good actors saved it from schlock oblivion. :)

Pistols at dawn? :)
Indeed! Pistols it is... seriously though I love Top Gun. People don't give it credit where its due. It's one of the most significant movies of the 80's. It cemeted Bruckheimer, Cruise, Kilmer and Scott as real talents, rewrote the action movie play book, features Michael Ironside (a god of men), used music like never before, became a iconic advertising campaign, broke box office records and is just so god damn cool. It's also the film 5.1 surround sound was made more!

Is it any good? A matter of opinion... I loev it but it does have a waffer thin plot and brush stroke charecters but every film doesnt have to be awade winning high art.

Was it watchable? YES
Enjoyable? YES
Fun? YES
Exciting? YES

All these reasons I love it for... despite being the gayist film EVER made.

Well it is. "You can be my wing man anytime"? Topless beach games? Naked shower scenes?

Phil Hobden
--Modern Life?--
" Jesters dead!"
I prefer Hot Shots to Top Gun because Hot Shots is hilarious and always makes me laugh!!!

Top Gun is just about Tom Cruise trying to be the "wise guy..."
Not so secret the top of my head

Rocky Horror
Drop Dead Fred
The Fifth Element
Harry Potter(s)
True Lies
The Beastmaster
The Labrynth?
Dark Crystal
Nothing But Trouble
once bitten
pee wee's big adventure
time bandits
city slickers
cliff hanger

Just watched Pee Wee's big adventure a little while ago. It's soo bad and overly cheesy at times, it's great. Thank you Tim Burton for that one.