Teammate needed

I’m no movie star but I want to open conversation to people who may be interested in helping me film a documentary. We are talking looooow budget, college film student stuff.

You would film me and my daily antics as well as help me write and come up with ideas as a team. Also please have video editing experience. You would play more of a sidekick role on camera even though we are equal partners. If we talk, I will tell you about the idea. I think it will be a hit because of the social climate we live in today. Eventually we may have to live together for one season....You could stay with me in my crappy apt. And 420 friendly is preferred.

I eventually want to sell the documentary to a large media entertainment group. 50/50 split. I think the idea is interesting enough to sell itself. Let’s talk about it and see what you think.

Serious inquiries only...

I have now idea what your Idea is, and where you live on this planet Michel. Its gonna be hard finding a teammate with this little info..... BUT WELCOME TO INDIE TALK!!! If its feedback you need, there is a lot of people that can help you here.


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Everything is a risk in life bud... with a enough passion and strategy... a calculated risk could pay off big....
yeah but youre not the one thats taking the risk.
thats the problem with your strategy. youre not gonna find a random stranger to take the huge risk FOR YOU


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Did get exactly the response you wanted, did you?

But I gotta say if I were in my early 20's smoked a lot of weed, needed a place
to stay, had my camera and iMovie on my laptop, I might very well take you up
on this.

While you did leave a phone number you didn't tell a potential partner where you
are. Might seem like it doesn't matter but I think that's kind of important.