Summer Glau curse?

I really enjoyed enterprise and the last Star Trek movie. Voyager was fun too. I like TNG as a kid, but tried watching it and the original earlier this year and just couldn't do it. It's not just the new graphics look, all the stories are w a a a y y y t o o o o o o s l l o o w w w w.

I know most die hard fans probably hate me for it, but hey...
I like how these went from a curse to a ST tread lol.
DS9 was the best Trek hands down.
Voyager was crap. It was the same thing over and over again but it did have some good eps.
Enterprise was good the last two seasons. I liked that they showed us aliens we have not seen in a Trek series before.
Cracker Funk that vid was funny and reminds me of a line for a movie. It's game time.
Name the line this movie comes from and no cheating.
"He's not gay he's just British."