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  • I got an email saying you tried to pm me but my inbox is full. Too true :) You can email me at satyricafilms[at]yahoo if you need anything.


    ps: how you been?
    Just watched the 5 videos you have posted on YouTube. "Kid vs Terrorists" had me killing myself laughing, and "Noble" was just straight freaking awesome! Keep up the great work!
    Hey, I watched 'The Agent' and liked it. You paid a lot of attention to audio. I just wondered how you managed to get a dense, bassy soundscape up on Youtube without it turning to s**t, as YT cuts so many bass frequencies? What do you convert in? I might start a thread on this subject...
    Bust that visitor cherry yea!! :) JK. Hey man, I have an idea for a movie we could film locally. I don't think it would cost much and I think it can be a pretty good story. Interested?? You are in the DFW area right??
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