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Good luck using a phone on a set.
Someone didn't read the article. He already DID, he secretly shot Unsane on iPhone, and was happy with results, and mentioned he would be hard pressed to not do again. We'll have to follow Unsane to see how it does.


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I saw it last night. It shows that with an interesting story
and compelling characters the camera used doesn't matter.

Good luck using a phone on a set.
To all beginners; obsess over story and your style then use
any camera you can get your hands on. What this director
did with a phone on set was amazing.

What really made this a great experience is sound. I never
spent a moment thinking about the camera, but I was constantly
unnerved buy the audio.
Just released my third short. This one shot on iPhone 5s. Waiting for festival responses. Another thread asked what the "best" camera for indie films was. I agree with the poster who said - "The one you have." There are dozens of things more important than which camera you use.