legal Reinacting a movie scene in another movie


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My characters sister (8) is trying to be an actress to help her poor family make money.
Can I legally have her practice acting at home reading through a scene from interview with the vampire, while her brother holds a script to read the other parts?

I'm guessing I have to pick something public domain like peter pan but might as well ask.
I wrote it as a fake commercial instead, it's kinda funny IMO so I'm happy with the alternative.

Emilia sits at the table -- pantomimes eating a chip.
    Hey these aren't Ridgleys chips.

Her face shifts from angry disappointment into puppy eyes.

     Don't you love me Mom?

Alex sets a folded, brown paper bag in front of her.

     Ridgley's the best! Mom, you do love me!

I need to rename these basic ass characters :(
I named her Emilia after Daenerys lol.
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I doubt this adds much to the conversation, but just as a point of curiosity, here's one of my favorite movie within a movie scenes. Unfortunately it's from a terrible movie, but the scene was fun. Perhaps there is some legal workaround by doing it as a play, of they got a license, I don't know. Watching it again, I'm not sure it violates any copyrights. Maybe there's a way to reference other works without legal issues.