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This is a random thread about anything.

Anything random at all, What's on ya mind? :)

I aced my English Comp Classes thinking like Tom Waits when I wrote, Yes, he is a master, and...well I never stole, but copied style.:)
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10k hour rule, hmmmm - well I suppose I took creative writing classes 8 years ago, but haven’t been active in writing, does that mean I need those lost years to become good? And yeah, Mozart producing garbage until 22....idea is flawed, but hell I am wrong all the time.

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My main focus is Poker, yeah I would love to be a screenwriter, but, I can talk poker all day, here is a great poker vid to watch.:) That slow call...:)
BTW: if you want to read or audio listen to an amazing book check out

The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win by Maria Konnikova (Author) , great poker book!​

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learning to be a stoic...it is challenging, luckily my audio book makes it easier, I need it tbh...for poker, and, for well, just the now.
This YT video does not sum it up, but it does a pretty damn good job!
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