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OK. Earl, in jail, takes a creative writing class, but has writer's block. But not the gang; each does a writing project, and Darnell, whose job conflicts with his kind and gentle nature, writes a song.

Hey, Crabman.:)
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Who started this thread! I'm sorry. I cant seem to quit.

one funny you tube comment (among many,lol) : "I went my whole life thinking I couldn't dance and then I found this. My people!"
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I like the free pizza on set. Did it allow to have have conversation's with the rest of the crew?
Nauh, back in the late 90s extras were just cattle (a cattle call). One of my friends had a small role, she hung out a bit with the cast. Usher brought his album to whoever wanted one, which was a pretty nice gesture I think for just getting started in the business.

I was working all night, and was super tired but the 80 bucks a day plus the idea of being in the movie was worth it back in 98.

The food was good, It wasn't a bad experience, just was like any extra job out there, you work for 12 hours a day and paid min wage.

I was also an extra as a vagrant on "The Newton Boys" and also an extra on the "Dusk till Dawn Series" - I just look at extra work as a side gig for some extra money.

I did get offered to be Tom Cruise's stand in for Magnolia (since I was about his height and build at the time), but I just didn't care to bother with it lol just because the pay sucked overall and really just wanted something more, that, and it conflicted with my job to pay bills, so nope. I don't regret it, I became tired of trying to be an actor by then anyways.
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