Man Of Steel Thoughts *SPOILER ALERT*

so today I watched the new superman.

I enjoyed the film overall, however at some points it was too long before it got into anything.

The film has been portrayed in the trailer as dark (at least to my impression)

Its far from it, it was very comic like (yes it is a comic based movie)

The film provided me a better story to Kal El than any of the other superman films, however was it better than the original superman films? well yes and no ( I haven't compared to the more recent ones because they were literally rubbish)

Im not going to give too much away at this point and will wait for other people to see it, but to those debating to see it, Yes go watch it, it gives some good entertainment and some tear jerking moments (for women mainly...cough)

btw the coolest moment in the film has to be general Zods message..
It's great! I loved it. I think the trailers were super hopeful/bright, I didn't get dark at all. But yeah, every but as serious/real as the recent batman but on a global scale. Loved it!
I wanted to see it so badly, I broke down & bought tix for a Friday screening - and my buddy insisted on the 3D Imax... gah, so expensive.. anyways...

As usual, the 3D was worthless apart from a few cool moments on Krypton. Leaving aside the 3D, this film is pure awesome-sauce. I still have it rocketing about in my head. I'll be seeing this many more times, when it hits the local dollar-theater.

I'm not sure starting Lois off so strong was good for her character (nowhere to grow), but Kal-El was fantastic in his struggle to decide what kind of man he was going to be. General Zod was kickass, and a sympathetic character.

At some point, there'd better be a prequel set on planet Krypton - exploring that world, and the various Houses. Reminded me a lot of Dune, in some ways, like that.

Meh, I'm ramblin' Go see the film! It's awesome. Then get your genuine Man of Steel Funko Pop! figures from me lol :yes: :blush:

Heck yeah, it's a wonderful film!

I'll agree with Zen -- there's no reason to see it in 3D. I wouldn't know; I chose 3D. But I've definitely come to strongly believe that unless a movie is planned and shot as 3D, from the get-go, it's pointless.

I'm not sure that I'd agree that it's "comic-like". There are a small handful of jokes, but none of them come until after almost an hour of dour soul-searching and sacrifice. Compared to most modern movies, I wouldn't call this one "dark", but compared to Donner's much-revered take on it, yeah, it's pretty dark. And for a more recent comparison, how about the joke-a-minute "Avengers"?

I love how much they made it a sci-fi!
I didnt watch this film in 3d to me thats just a stupid gimmick and i can watch the film in 2d where i can enjoy all the colours and imagery as intended.

Onto the film, for me I didnt feel for superman, only when they showed clips of him as a kid, I think making him really super as he is just grasping his status was a huge mistake, no one is that great despite their abilities, i just wanted him to be battered by all of Zods cronies and get to a near death point then be brought into a flashback of when he was younger and had some inspiring words from his parents then he could have let out a roar and batter the crap outtta everyone.

had i had that in the film, then it would have gotten a 9/10 but for now just a 8/10 but a great movie and a better turn for the superman series.
And that's the case with most SF/superhero films these days, isn't it?

Not SPIDERMAN. I liked the Ed Norton version of THE HULK, too. There are a few others that I really like.

For me, the closest that MAN OF STEEL came to a relationship, was between Clarke and his dad (Costner). Even at that, it was a flashback. So many flashbacks! The whole movie is trying so hard to be busy that it never sits in one spot to really see it develop characters that I can bond with. Where are the best friends? How do you have a love interest with no romance? (As pointed out, above, Lois character had no where to go.) All the action and angst didn't allow for me to enjoy a Clarke Kent who had a real personality and a sense of humor. Who is this quiet guy? The old SUPERMAN 1 & 2 showed who he was.

Probably my favorite part was looking at Faora's eyes through her transparent helmet. The movie was not short of cool elements, but I can't say the same about character bits.
interesting.. I actually put captain America second worse film iv ever seen in my life, first worse is Epic Movie.

Clarification - the 80s-ish one or the new one? Because the old one sucked real bad.

Oddly, I didn't catch the movie (yet), but I've been following the reviews. They seem to fall into two categories -

1) I've never really read the comics - Thumbs up!
2) Total fanboy - Thumbs down!

I never was a fan of the character, so that's my disclaimer. I was ehhh about the choice of screenwriter but that's neither here nor there. My thing is, from what I've heard from both the critics and people who saw it in both categories, it seems the writing was a bit weak and didn't develop the characters (especially CK/SM) very much. As far as being removed from the comics, I don't care honestly. It's a different medium with different things to play with. Some things just don't translate well. Other than that, does sound pretty decent as a summer superhero flick. EXPLOSIONS FTW.
I saw it in 3D at an Imax. Being a sound (mainly music) person I cursed the mixers because they drowned the great soundtrack in loud, harsh sound effects. I found the 3D wasn't necessary as it was used at any time beyond just giving the film depth. It was good for the Sci-Fi parts on alien worlds but for the rest of the film I found it pointless.

I thought the acting was good, I like how developed the villain was, he actually had purpose and a reason to do what he did. The VFX were stunning and worked well for the film if you were looking for a popcorn movie (yep, VFX porn all the way, I agree). Not having any personal history with the Superman story/comics beyond seeing a few films and cartoons, his choices and actions didn't shock me like they did some people, I actually liked his decision at the end, it made him more realistic, more flawed, as he was unable to find any other solution.

I saw Iron Man 3 too and I thought that film was spectacular, much more so than Man Of Steel. RBJ is just such a great personality.