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logline Loglines

They say this longline business is important, so it probably is. But it seems, to me, stupid. Anyway, here's mine:

A music loving Prince from a backwater German principality assembles a dream-team orchestra and hires, as music director, a man of other-worldly talent, but political and familial pressures will force him to choose: responsible royal or friend and patron to the greatest musician who has ever, who perhaps will have ever, lived.

I hate it. I don't even want to write the thing now.

And I have a better one, one for all purposes:

Some stuff happens.

anyway :)
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I mean in the logline, we have no idea that's what this is.

Two star-crossed lovers fall in love on the maiden voyage of the Titanic and struggle to survive as the doomed ship sinks into the Atlantic Ocean.

The slave Spartacus survives brutal training as a gladiator and leads a violent revolt against the decadent Roman Republic, as the ambitious Crassus seeks to gain power by crushing the uprising.
Ah . . . I see. I missed the "if" and thought, no offense, that you somehow missed something, lol. Sorry.
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Now worries! Just saying, put that in. The Titanic logline didn't just say a cruise ship. And it will certainly help to know it is based on this.
I caught the longline spelling a few times didn't know if a joke or typo🤣🤣 but I did catch the humor in the original post. 😁
And . . . beating dead horse, but why does my spellcheck think "longline" is a word? Maybe I've misspelled it so many times it has given up. --

edit: yup, just checked. The iPad changes logline into longline every time. It's funnier than I am, I guess. :)
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why does my spellcheck think "longline" is a word?
Because it is! 🤓 It describes a particular type of (sea) fishing line, and is also a synonym for slackline.

And thanks, by the way, to you and to Mara, for the attention. A three page thread inspired by me trying to make a longline joke:

Some stuff happens.
FWIW, I've been following this thread all week with interest, and the hope of contributing at least part of a phrase, if I could only trap the one word that keeps evading me ... :woohoo:
Because it is! 🤓 It describes a particular type of (sea) fishing line, and is also a synonym for slackline.

FWIW, I've been following this thread all week with interest, and the hope of contributing at least part of a phrase, if I could only trap the one word that keeps evading me ... :woohoo:
Thanks, Celtic, re longline. I don't know how I didn't notice that auto-correct was changing the word every time. Also, I don't know why, once indie pointed it out, I didn't bother to look up longline, especially when, to do so, I literally barely have to lift a finger :)

And, re thread, I remember this, from Samuel R Delany's great book: About Writing: Seven Essays, Four Letters, & Five Interviews :

The principles of good writing can be listed. Many people learn them:

(1) Use simple words with clear meanings whenever possible. (Despite the way it sounds, this is a call for clarity, not a bid for simplicity.)

(2) Use the precise word. Don’t say “gaze” when you mean “look.” Don’t say “ambled” or “sauntered” or “stalked” when you mean “walked.” (And don’t say “walked” when you mean one of the others.) As far as the creative writer goes, the concept of synonyms should be a fiction for high school and first- and second-year college students to encourage them to improve their vocabularies. The fact is (as writers from Georg Christoff Lichtenberg [1742–99] in the eighteenth century to Alfred Bester [1913–87] in the twentieth have written), “There are no synonyms.”
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Here's why I think your movie has a better than average chance of funding. It all comes down to what type of financial supporter product x would appeal to, and then 50 other factors, but staying on topic here, you've got a historic, educational, cultural work here that will appeal to older, wealthier and better educated people. Those people as a group are more likely to have money to invest, mainly because the bank interest rate was 16% when most classical music fans started saving money, vs 0% now, (minus random fees). Your project also has the advantage of being more well rounded in it's utility and interest. Most indie films seeking investment are selling "give me money so people can see my art", whereas you have a better pitch, which is "give me money so people can learn about history and better appreciate some of the crowning artistic achievements of human civilization" That is going to have more appeal to a wider group of better funded investors, and is at least eligible for grant funding based on some of the aforementioned aspects.

Also, this could be a prestige piece for the right studio, an investment they want to make, because in essence, they can brag about this at dinner parties in a way that wouldn't be possible with an investment in "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls"
Interesting, Nate. And I think I agree. Not about my specific efforts, but about it, about the idea of the project. This thought motivated me to get started--that this might actually be something that someone, some movie making person, would like. And your comment motivates me to hunker down and get the thing done.

As far as "seeking funding," just the thought of this amuses me. I spend a disproportionate amount of my existence seeking things like my car keys, where I set down my vaping device, or, for that matter, my shoes and my socks.
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I would really like to see this happen, with all my heart I MEAN it.

Love the open-mindedness of it with respect to culture-loving

and his love for music to end all atrocities of the world.

and I see him as a fighter, fighting for his love.
Rereading a few threads (and I do like this one) I'm returning to comment on Iren's closing post. I love that he (or maybe, she) was moved by what would be the absolute center of this project: the transcendent nature of great art, and the impossibility, the mystery, of it arising from the brains of mutant monkeys, out of, and opposed by, the muck of their sloppy, stupid, mutant monkey business,
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