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logline Loglines

They say this longline business is important, so it probably is. But it seems, to me, stupid. Anyway, here's mine:

A music loving Prince from a backwater German principality assembles a dream-team orchestra and hires, as music director, a man of other-worldly talent, but political and familial pressures will force him to choose: responsible royal or friend and patron to the greatest musician who has ever, who perhaps will have ever, lived.

I hate it. I don't even want to write the thing now.

And I have a better one, one for all purposes:

Some stuff happens.

anyway :)
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I think music-loving is redundant since he is organizing an orchestra of great musicians. At least for a logline since it can be assumed. Perhaps in this area we can learn more about him. Is he young and hip? Controversial? Etc. You can throw something in there so we can grasp his age and personality as well as public reception. We need that info with royals, lol.
maybe culture-loving, although this sounds awkward. I think the Founder is right. It would be nice to give someone wondering if this would be something worth looking at more (which, if I understand it, is the purpose of a longline) a sense of what Prince Leopold is about. He is a young dude infatuated with culture, with art, literature, architecture, and especially, music, and he will use his considerable resources to highlight and promote such frivolity, to the detriment of other priorities: armies, taxes, power.
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When a young cultured prince from the German countryside builds a dream-team orchestra, his obligations to the crown are clouded by his budding friendship with the GOAT composer.

Ha, I used GOAT in a logline. 🐐😆
When a young cultured prince from the German countryside builds a dream-team orchestra, his loyalty to the crown is tested by his newly-cemented friendship with the renown composer.
Dang, y'all are good :). Maybe:

When a cultured young prince from the German countryside builds his dream-team orchestra, his royal obligations begin to conflict with his growing love for the greatest composer of all time.

edit: . . . love for what might be the
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Yea. I think it is a love story, but not that kind of love, not erotic. (Although that is a possibility, but I would hate to fall into that trap.) So I agree, "love," here, probably doesn't work.

The Prince's love is, I think, of beauty, of art, and of the once in a millennium perfection he sees in his kapellmeister (musical director).

Anyway, this is fun, working on a single sentence that you know has an ideal expression, but which you can't quite yet find.

LIke: "his royal obligations begin to conflict with..." is an empty clause, is wordy, vague, and dull, and there, somewhere, is a better construction.

Anyway, beyond the immediate challenge, this "longline" is not, to me, much of a priority. I can't imagine trying to cook up some interest in something until it is finished and polished, and that is some ways off.
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Picturing it as a fantasy musical à la Aladdin, and could even be animated, with a deal to make it as live action as well. Haha. See, loglines do work. I've already got gears turning. So don't dismiss them. 😁