Is it work time or fun time?

Did you ever notice how behind the scenes documentaries of films being made in, let's say, the past 20 years, always have the actors talking about how much fun they had on set? "oh, we had so much fun. It was a blast." yet behind the scenes documentaries from films made much earlier than that usually talk about the process of making the film. The challenges they encountered. Sometimes the stress of trying to get the shot. Never any mention of having fun.. I wonder if it's because back then, actors took their job more seriously.


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32 years ago Crybaby came out starring Johnny Depp
Director John Waters said hes never made another movie that had so many cast members fucking each other off screen

I can only assume that they all had a lot of fun making the movie lool
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Those BTS docs have always been nothing more than publicity. Back then
publicists believed that people wanted to see the serious side of film making.
Today people want to see the lighter side of film making. So that's how those
docs are edited.

Back then people had fun and talked about having fun on set - that just didn't
make it into the final cut.
They can't exactly show the real experience, promo reels filled with bored people sitting in trailers waiting 5 hours to say a sentence. Someone getting really annoyed at having to repeat a line because someone accidentally left a sprite on the deck of the Enterprise in the background of the shot. Katherine Hiegel berating an intern because the craft services table didn't have "artisanal shrimp". Here's 6 hours of unedited footage of someone in a makeup chair prepping for a shot the editor will cut later. lol, if they make a promo about a sausage factory, it's just a cartoon sausage dancing to the pointer sisters.

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The actors who I've worked with - both unknowns and some fairly well-known ones - take their job very seriously.

I think "we had so much fun!" is marketing by producers as much as anything.

Yeah, it's mostly marketing the way it is presented.

Despite how much hard work being an artist of any kind may be, many of us do take great joy in what we do despite how difficult it can be at times.