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campaign Indietalkers HELP/SHARING thread. Do your part.

Fabulous idea! Filmmakers supporting filmmakers. I am all about that!

So, I am on a team of talented filmmakers that are working on a film called Look Again. It is a comedy about a guy, Amit, who is visited by his guardian angels and given a pair of glasses that allow him to see who is good and who is bad.

Well... I don't want to ruin it but essentially it questions our judgement of others and the weighing of what is really important in life. And it is funny.

And we are ONE week into our INDIEGOGO campaign!!!

Please come and check us out and maybe share with your friends.

I'm just new to the community here and have started a Kickstarter to raise funding for the production of a large themed music collection.

Adaptive Music Kickstarter Page

I know it may be a bit much to ask for community support since I'm such a noobie here so I just wanted to let people know what I am up to and if people would be so kind as to help out then that would be really appreciated.
Hi guys!

17 hours left to a short indie film called 'Rodentia'. It is currently 73% funded. We need your help! It would benefit the film greatly as it requires a lot of SFX prosthetics.

Watch the guy above turn into an alien-like rodent!

There are also perks such as 'Rodentification' where I will draw you in any animal's form you want. There's also a digital copy which you can download online once it's completed!

The film will be out around April/ May.
Please donate, check out our pitch video too!

Link: http://bit.ly/rodentiafilm
MFA Graduate Horror and Thriller Film seeking support!

Hello, everyone!

As a fellow filmmaker and film-enthusiast, I am gathering support for a MFA short horror and thriller film, Darkness Finds the Fearful. We are crowdfunding on IndieGoGo until Aug 20th: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/darkness-finds-the-fearful-horror-short#/

The story follows two young kidnapped women fleeing for their lives in a dilapidated building, pursued by a ruthless killer. As protagonist Natalie leads the escape, she recalls flashbacks to hunting in the woods with her father and the wisdom he imparted on her about survival. The focus is not gore but psychological intensity, exploring the rawness of human nature and how human life is valued.

This short was written in the spirit of a feature and thus serves as a jumping-off point for the careers of many passionate filmmakers. However, to accomplish our goals, we need support! We so appreciate shares, tweets, and if you can spare it, donations.

Thank you so much! We are happy to answer any questions.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darknessfindsthefearful/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarknessFinds
Website: http://sinribbon.com/darknessfinds/
Tried to PM OP about my project, but it says the inbox is full!

I saw that the first message in the thread says not to post the project as a reply to avoid cluttering the thread, so I'll just make a separate post in the forum for now. Or I can update this post with details if I don't hear back -- if that's cool. :cool:
Wouldn't it be better for everyone if we could just post our campaigns in this thread? How is it supporting the community to only have one post a with a campaign? And the OP's mailbox is full, clearly showing that many are keen but the system isn't working


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Wouldn't it be better for everyone if we could just post our campaigns in this thread? How is it supporting the community to only have one post a with a campaign? And the OP's mailbox is full, clearly showing that many are keen but the system isn't working
The OP posted this in June of 2011. He hasn't posted here since October
of 2012 - six years ago.

Post your campaign!
A Blind Military Veteran's Nightmare brings carnage to Indiegogo - Horror Junkies!

Hey guys! My name is Lorenzo P. Adams, Writer/Director of the upcoming psychological horror thriller "WHY MONA RAE?" As indie filmmakers, especially unknown filmmakers for the most part, any and all of your support would be a HUGE HUGE help towards our vision. The vision we would like to bring to you guys!

Within the next few days we will have several horror sites/blogs feature our official press release in addition to some professional help getting our campaign more exposure and backers from our horror community who believe in the potential for this project.

We started the campaign a few days ago and although it's been a bumpy start (crowdfunding is no joke without exposure and a base! lol) we are optimistic that with the publication of several press releases, working out a few extra favors, and bringing on a crowdfunding professional...we should be able to reach our goal or get pretty close to it! Since the start of the campaign and a little before we started we have spent almost $300 for social media advertising. Despite getting many retweets, likes, and comments, one of which came from the Candyman himself, Mr. Tony Todd...this engagement hasn't translated into actual page visits/backers. So now, we're trying to pull out the BIG GUNS lol. fingers crossed

Thanks for reading my LENGTHY message and feel free to reach out to me directly for any questions or feedback!

Indiegogo Campaign https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/why-mona-rae-a-blind-veteran-s-nightmarish-ordeal#/

WHY MONA RAE? Proof of Concept Sizzle Reel