Indie of the Month May/June/July - Quarantine Film Challenge


Indie of the Month
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Indie of the Month!
A monthly competition with a new theme or challenge each month. This time you have 3 months!

May/June/July is:
Quarantine Film Challenge
aka Social Distance Film Challenge Part II

Most of us are still confined to home. We hope everyone is safe and well! So please be SAFE! DO NOT get together a crew, work with yourself and those you are quarantined with, as well as remotely with others. Form your own indietalk team! If a team wins, all members will receive the award as long as they are indietalk members.

If you happen to be in an area where restrictions are relaxed, please follow proper safety protocols. This is for fun and to challenge yourself, not to relax any safety protocols.

This runs for 3 months so as production starts to pick up you will hopefully have more resources!

This is similar to the 48 hour-style challenges. It must be made for this contest only. And to prove that you must adhere to the following:
Genre: Comedy or Comedy Horror
Dialogue: Must include the line "Why didn't I think of that?" as dialogue, monologue, audio, or text
Prop: Must include a can opener

Requirements: Any length. Must adhere to the genre restriction and include the dialogue and prop. We figured everyone has a can opener, manual or electric. If you do not, be creative, and show one on the computer screen, etc. Just be sure to work in all the elements.

Entrants: You have until July 21 to submit your entries, and 2 entries are permitted. You may only enter more than once if you are on a team where upon another team member must post the entry. Example: You entered your own, and did the sound for another.

To enter click Add Media on this page.

Voters: Voting begins after the submission period, you will see a button on each entry. Be sure to bookmark your faves! You will only have one vote so use it wisely! You will not be able to vote for yourself, and any improprieties will be detected*.

Most votes wins. Ties are broken by a 24 hour voting period.

You will see new posts in this thread when members enter, vote, and when deadlines are approaching.

Winner receives:
  • 1 year indiePRO membership
  • A special IOTM membership with an "IOTM Winner" badge
  • A "Winner" ribbon over your entry
  • A "Winner" ribbon over your avatar for the month
  • A winning contest to add to your press kit
  • Bragging rights
Enter every month and if you win, you can extend your membership each time!


*Anyone caught manipulating the system will banned from indietalk. Do not even try!

Good luck!
I'm available for audio post - as long as I have some real time to do the work.

Let's put it this way.... I worked with a team on a 48Hr project many moons ago and got the files 75 minutes before the deadline, barely enough time to load the files in and decide what needed to be done, much less do anything significant. So I had to do a REALLY quick "Fix & Mix" - 10 minutes to load into my system and 45 minutes to do DX, Foley, SFX and mix, then send back to the team so they could sync my mix to picture and upload by the deadline.

I'm all for having fun, but would like to avoid that type of situation - unless I'm being paid really well, of course! ;)


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I ended up at the vet instead of filming mine. And then busted my shoulder somehow doing push-ups. I’m about as fragile as sam Jackson from unbreakable. It’s been a week now and still waiting for my shoulder to heal. Idk if I will make it in this month


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No one is more distraught than me.
Every time for the last 2-3 years I have tried to get into shape I have gotten injured.

I completely changed my diet to be 100% regimented, 190g protein, 70g fat, 1800 calories, then two weeks into my workout, 25 minutes into it .. pushups of all things blows out my shoulder. nothing is safe for me. And now everyone is out swimming in the heated pool today and I can't tread water.

I was going to film this in character, with my cell phone, holding my arm out...
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Okay if Odd Ginger Does it and I have a day that its not raining i'll do mine.. I'll switch arms for the camera and try to reverse my actions to get it done so we can have a contest
Isn't getting older wonderful? For me it's arthritis, a bad back (my mom was in an auto accident when she was pregnant with me; my spine does not align with my hips properly, so my lower vertebrae are always moving out of place) and a bout with kidney stones every two or three years. I've also noticed that, once I got past 50, it takes me A LOT longer to recover from things. After my first round with kidney stones I was back to my normal routine in three/four days; the last time it took about three weeks.

Staying is shape is harder too. No more high impact workouts for me, and I REALLY have to pay attention to "form" so I don't injure myself. And boy is it hard to lose weight.

Even normal stuff takes longer and I have to be care not to injure myself when doing household stuff - yard work, gutters, moving furniture around, etc.

Of course, the alternative to getting old is not very attractive.