How to make music videos like this…

Hi everyone. First post here.

I have had a search and couldn't find too much on video to four to the floor electronic music where images and video change to the beat around 126bpm. What do you think the (amazing) McGloughlin Brothers are using when this kicks off at about 3 minutes

Also when lots and lots of images are shown rapidly after each other. Are they just painstakingly using Premier or FCPX, eg:
Any guidance would be a big help. Thank you
There is no software that takes pictures. But in all software you can load
in 100's of pictures and set the time at .02 seconds for each.

That first video you posted looks like stock footage. You mention the 3 min
mark; looks like he used the Time feature on Google Earth.

Very creative and time consuming.
If you do a little digging, I think I remember seeing the creator talk about this video somewhere, and yes they stitched together the images one by one in time with the beat of the music.

If I remember correctly they timed the image cuts with the audio DB bars of the beat. They wanted the music and images to get busier and busier, to replicate the rapid expansion and activity of human activity on the planet.
Someone else said "Render things in fast forward or create a sequence from the images should do the trick."

But not sure what that means.

Well, I think most of us are assuming the how of the project. No artist will ever tell you EXACTLY how they achieved a unique style (because then they wouldn't be unique), but you can try to emulate it and achieve a similar effect.

From the video, it looks like a mix of high resolution drone footage mixed with time lapsed still images of satellite photographs. They slowed down and ramped up the frames of each image to the next.

Even filmed footage is just a bunch of still frames stitched together. The satellite imagery looks like it was still photographs placed in a sequence to simulate growth over time (farm fields, roads, etc.)

There definitely was a little After Effects magic in post to warp the images a little, probably for more interesting flair... But that looks to be mostly mirroring and picture in picture effects.
I thought those were ,mainly drones footage with good sensor cameras like some Mavic2Pro Or mavic air or something. but somehow the images were stationary and in quick succession of progress. Then i realized this is Google Earth talking, some months or year ago that i dont rememember, i learned that google earth has a timeline feature, where as you can pick any specific month and year for a satellite footage. So all you have to do to replicate that video posted above was to compile a lot of satellite footage, pile them up in Premiere and stuff them up with soundtracks made with Acid Pro, and voila.. a masterpiece just like the sample video you posted.