How to make music videos like this…

Hi everyone. First post here.

I have had a search and couldn't find too much on video to four to the floor electronic music where images and video change to the beat around 126bpm. What do you think the (amazing) McGloughlin Brothers are using when this kicks off at about 3 minutes

Also when lots and lots of images are shown rapidly after each other. Are they just painstakingly using Premier or FCPX, eg:
Any guidance would be a big help. Thank you
I thought those were ,mainly drones footage with good sensor cameras like some Mavic2Pro Or mavic air or something. but somehow the images were stationary and in quick succession of progress. Then i realized this is Google Earth talking, some months or year ago that i dont rememember, i learned that google earth has a timeline feature, where as you can pick any specific month and year for a satellite footage. So all you have to do to replicate that video posted above was to compile a lot of satellite footage, pile them up in Premiere and stuff them up with soundtracks made with Acid Pro, and voila.. a masterpiece just like the sample video you posted.
Ha, if only it was that easy to make a masterpiece!