Help one of our longest running forum members get back on their feet

Hey, Alcove. Can you give us an update on how you and your family are doing?

Zero pressure, gang. Hey it's cool if you can't. But I encourage anyone who has benefitted from or enjoyed Alcove's generous sharing of his time, wisdom, and expertise over these long years to consider even a small donation. We probably can't replace his invaluable home studio, but even if we only help his family pay a bill, buy some gas, or get some groceries it's surely worth it. Hugs.
I had been holding off on saying anything here or bumping this post any further, due to some background activity, or inactivity might be a better term, that only myself and a few others I messaged were aware of.

I started this thread with the intention of helping Alcove, and perhaps creating a way for our community to show him that we cared about what had happened. It seemed like it was working, and I waited patiently to hear a reply from him.

I checked each day, trying to make sure the post stayed up so he could get as many donations as possible. One day I saw him in the members online list, and moused over the name to see if he was reading the thread. He was. I was excited to see his reply, hoping he would have been cheered up by the support, but when I opened the thread there was no reply.

I was puzzled, and wrote him a DM letter, asking him to send me some way to route funds to him, or alternately turn over the gofund me page to his control. No response.

I thought maybe he was having too hard a time to reply, or was too busy, ect. I waited a couple of weeks I think and sent another
email, again asking for a way to send him the donations. No reply. During that time I'd seen him viewing this thread several more times.

Recently I got an email from Gofundme saying that without a payout address the campaign would be closed and all donations refunded in early February. I wrote a third message to Alcove, explaining this, and asking one last time for him to accept the donations.

Today he visited this post again, and did not reply to the email again. I haven't heard a word. I DM's a few staff here to ask advice, and they tried to help, but ultimately, no one knows what is going on here, Including myself.

If I don't hear back from Alcove by the end of the month, I'll go to gofundme and ask them to refund donations early and close the campaign, so that donors can have extra money at Christmas.

I literally have no idea what went wrong here, and my intentions were good, but it's clear by now that something is not as it should be. The only conclusion I can draw is that it's time to wrap this up. Sad to see this end up this way, and my apologies to Alcove if this embarrassed him in any way.
I hope he wasn't embarrassed by this. I donated because I have always appreciated
his input here. Of course it would have been great if enough had been raised to help
you rebuild. But, Alcove, even if you just use the money to take your wife out for a
nice meal I am still glad to donate.
As far as I'm concerned, it's up to Alcove whether he responds or not. He didn't ask for this and has no obligation to him.

I'm fully aware that my $10 isn't going to make any material difference to his life; it's just a recognition of the fact that he will always have legend status round these parts. I've already committed to calling my first born Alcove (2nd born will be Rik, and 3rd born Zensteve, for the OGs).

Anyhow, I hope he drops by again because it'd be good to hear from him. But really it's none of our business, and let's try not to litigate his motivations for not responding yet.
I waited some additional time in case any new information came to light. In the absence of said information, I have refunded all donations to this campaign. I have no information about what happened here, so all I can say is that I think it was a good thing to see how many people in our community showed up to help. I appreciate everyone's efforts, and I'm sorry if anyone feels that their time was wasted. I did not foresee this outcome.