I've been in television production for 25 years and teach advanced production and live sports production at the high school level. While in high school, I've met so many young filmmakers who try to start their directing career with a feature length script they could never finish the writing, so they get frustrated and walk away. I always advice them to start with the short project and still the script never gets done and the young director again walks away without a bit of digital film on a digital reel. I'm a solutions orientated guy so with the help of Rod Sterling and the Twilight Zone (my template for the style of story) I've written several short stories (15-25 Minute) in screenplay format, designed for high school students to produce. I'm sharing them for the first time on this platform.
I would greatly value your insights on the story, the characters, the conflict in the stories, how well they flow, etc. Please keep in mind I have written them for high school students to produce so I always edit for language and subject matter that may be controversial to a high school administrator. I'm looking forward to feedback and hope to meet and discuss other work as well.
Cool idea, I'm also a fan of Serling's format. You might consider penning a brief teaser for each script, a single paragraph to sell people on the idea, so that people could decide which ones might be of most interest to them.

EG -
I have 4 scripts -

in the first script "Bob's Big Day" a local supermarket clerk wins the lottery. Everything seems great, until he wins it again the next week, and the week after. He soon discovers that he has been granted incredible luck, with literally everything turning out better than could possibly be expected in every situation. By the end, he goes mad, unable to find the slightest challenge or resistance in life, and learning the lesson that victories are boring and meaningless in the absence of struggle."

and so on. Then provide links to each script beneath the summary.
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I got into first writing plays and later screenplays because, in my opinion, too many directors want to do it all but don't know (or care) anything about writing well. I definitely applaud your efforts but think that part of the challenge is to convince young directors to let go of the idea that they have to do both (write & direct).