Give me an update!


Out of one circle; forming another.

Quit my dayjob; goin' for it.

Three features I've worked on being released this year. Shooting pickups for fourth.

Had terrible time at the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival last weekend (see pic below. Miserable, I tell ya.)


How you been, Roc? Miss ya. :cool:
Turned down IM3.. not enough money.. that and I'm booked solid getting ready for "The Hot Rod" shooting June 1st.

As Zensteve points out, everything sucks, as you can see in this teaser I'm not having any fun either..
Yeah, life is awful. :lol:

Working 2 weeks in Germany - in Munchen at the moment and heading to Dusseldorf on Sunday. Easy gig operating camera for "Training on Demand" videos. Been doing them in the States solid since late March.

Worked ALL of April, literally. I had 3 days off the whole month during which I went camping due south of Big Sur at a place called Prewitt Ridge. Lots of the same gig that sent me to Germany, lots of this: (I was on that as B-cam operator for several of their shoot days).

Worked on this in January: (That big image on the top of the page is one of my shots.) Was really fun as I've never done fashion work before.

Both of those were gratis projects for me. Shot a 3rd gratis project in Janurary as well that is in post. Nothing online yet for that one. A fun little rom-com short that is part of a series of shorts that take place in the same office building.

When I get back to the States we start pre-pro on another short that should be REALLY fun to shoot. Going to have the opportunity to really play during several of the scenes. Rub some style on it as it were.

How the hell are ya soundguy?

Yo, ROC!

Stockholm Santa's still in post, but we're just about finished! C-Funk is finishing up the final edit and the composer is composing. The last major thing to do is sound design, which I'll be starting once we lock the edit. :)

What have you been up to?
Finished shooting and almost finished with post (Just need post audio and color correction) for "The Last Intervention". Very excited about this one. Just waiting for the festivals to respond. The wait is driving me crazy!!!. :crazy: (Really want to get into New York Latino International Film Festival)

Trailer out on June 5th, but we have a couple of teasers on the website.
Let's see, what have I been up to.

Just finished music for The Legend of Cooley Moon by IT member DeJager, which I'm pretty proud of. Better than my last feature, and finished in about half the time. Helps that the movie is pretty awesome!

I also have an informal meeting scheduled for the last week in July with a friend of a friend who is a horror movie icon. He's heard my work, really likes it and has expressed an interest in working with me. He mentioned a possible project that is really close to "dream job" territory, and way beyond my pay grade. Not getting my hopes up, but worst comes to worst, I have a few beers with someone whose work I'm a big fan of!

In non-film music, we're starting to book summer shows for Ghost Estate, as well as rehearsing and beginning to work up new material. We've got a long list of traditional and original tunes that we want to do in this band, and now that the film is done, I can start devoting time to that. Our EP got a couple pretty nice reviews, and hopefully some shows this summer/fall will get us a bit more attention. We're kinda weird, so we need as much attention as possible to get to the small percentage of people who might like us ;) Next show is 6.19 opening for Indie/Amerciana act The Pines at Club Cafe (which is a pretty good venue around here). Speaking of, if any folks in Ohio know of bands/venues that might be good to set up shows with/at, let me know!

Oh, and it's almost lunch break, and I'm about to sit down with the new Swans live CD. From the last tour, and the most intense show I've ever seen by a long shot.
Addendum: listened to about half of it (it's 2cds, a little over 2 hours). Dear god. Brutal, terrifying, astounding stuff. If any of you have ever liked Swans, I'd highly recommend it.
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Had terrible time at the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival last weekend

How did you ever survive???

Hey, ROC. Every time you check in I learn all kinds of stuff about our fellow IT'ers that I didn't know! :cool:

Personally, I've been collecting rejections from distributors for CRIMPS - 37 to date (to counterbalance last years' pile of festival rejections). Also working on yet another rewrite of a script that should have gone out months ago, with no end in sight. Other than that, just sending out resumes so I qualify for unemployment bennies. Who could ask for more? :rolleyes:
Grading nearly finished on one short.
Assembly edit nearly finished on our bigger production "Paperclip" (Four Squares, Flight Creative Media, YAFI Underground)... I specifically did the lighting on it, and am the editor and Colorist.
Just finished editing a show that is happening at the Fargo Theatre tonight (the 50fifty reel challenge).
There will be a MPLS, MN show in a few weeks I'll have to edit as well.
Tuesday, paid gig shooting soccer (Phil_UK and his ilk would call it football) because I have a crane! + 2-3 more of these.
Working at a Movie Theater... which will dramatically slow down how much I'm able to be on sets as it's all evenings and weekends, which is prime shoot time for indies around here.
I do have a couple of summer production things going on thought that were pre-existing commitments.
2 commercial websites
YAFI website update in the works (for the past few years, it's always last on the priority list of stuff to do.
My oh my, so many replies! Didn't expect that!!!

I love you all! Looks like you're all doing pretty well, which is great!

I'll chime in later with individual responses when I've got time but for now, love ya'll and ttys.