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ad Free and Open Source Software for Screenwriters

Hey guys. Our old thread was removed from the forum... Maybe someone knows why?

Never mind. Let's start a new one!:)


I create a new screenwriting software named KIT Scenarist. My project is free and open source and currently it in an active development phase.

The application contains 4 main modules:

Research - for collecting all materials about project;
Cards - corkboard for outlining;
Script - screenplay editor;
Statistics - production reports and plots.

I want to share this project with you and I hope that app will be useful for all screenwriters. Project's website - https://kitscenarist.ru/en/index.html

If the project is interesting for you and you decide to try it, I'll be glad to hear your opinion about it. Maybe you have suggestions for improvement, or just want to express your opinion, then happy to hear you.

Thank you!


We finally did automatic corrections for text in real-time! Less than three years, by the way! :)


P.S. I'm talking about automatic text correction for dialogues and other blocks on the page breaks while writing the text.
P.P.S. Respect to all developers of other scriptwriting software, who also developed this functionality. It was a real challenge!
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Hey guys. Our old thread was removed from the forum... Maybe someone knows why?
I, too, wonder why. I thought you were very responsive to suggestions and
I enjoyed keeping up with your progress.

As is all too usual, Quality feels the need to put people down. I'm not
personally interested in another screenwriting software but I admire you for
working hard on this.

Welcome back!
Yet another screenwriting software.

Rude. Here's someone that didn't like what available and made his own. Then he makes it available for FREE on all platforms. When it comes to free screenwriting software, there's not a lot of good out there. Celtx get's the most attention, but it's so bloated and now it's online only. Trelby was promising but development has stopped years ago. Fountain can work, but it's too basic. So he realized there was a need, and he filled it. I think that KIT is the best free screenwriting software out there right now.

I especially love the story development tools and still use them even if I'm writing a script in something paid like Fade In.

@dimkanovikov: Don't let others get you down. Your software rocks!
Come on, guys! Everybody has right to have own opinion. I don't aspire to universal love but simply do my job in pleasure. More apps - more opportunities to create a better stories!;)


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I looked through the deleted threads and it's not anywhere :huh:
You have a new account now too? did you get any PM or email to your old account
Thanks, Sweetie!:)

sfoster, no. It's an old account. When I login in next time I just don't find my theme. Looks like the theme was deleted from forum's database because my comments counter was zeroed out too...


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Sorry that it happened to you, it wasn't on purpose and I'm glad you created a new thread with a good attitude about it. Welcome back I suppose :lol:


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Sometimes old promotion is removed, this one which was current was removed by mistake, so please carry on thanks!
Just installed your latest version on my Fedora laptop. Last one I installed was six months ago. I really like the new setup wizard you've implemented. Makes it much easier for us Americans to switch things over. Keep up the great work friend!
Hello, my friends. There is another one new feature of the upcoming update, which is the last new feature in the third beta.


Now, we will need to polish some stuff and prepare to update. We plan to publish it in January.
Sunny greetings to you, guys!:)

I would like to congratulate all of you, my dear, on the coming New Year!

I wish you spend more time with your family. So often as possible to see parents, brothers, and sisters. Find time to meet with your friends and just acquaintances. To give each other your smiles and support, in the first place. I wish you to enjoy the work that you do. I wish that every day of your life makes you a little better, and you can make the world a little better. I wish you to look to the future with enthusiasm, with fervor, with the expectation of a miracle ... And it will necessarily happen with you next year!

As for us, the year 2017 was saturated, I think. We have done a lot of things. It was the restart of the cloud service and the moving it to a whole new level in terms of the quality of the work, and the complete reworking of the cards module, released mobile versions for Andorid and iOS (it was not easy), translated the program into many foreign languages (Felipe, Michael, Pedro, Alpamys, Arash, Ricardo, Miroslav, Stepan, Anthony, Ronaldo and Maxim, great respect to you, guys!) and of course we got a talisman, so beloved by all of you, cat Alexander!

From another side, we did not have time to finish all of our plans to 2017 :) But we will definitely do it next year! From the nearest plans - this will be the improvements of the script editor, the ability to work with the history of project changes, improvements of the template library capabilities, improvements of the cards module and work with multi-series projects! Also, we will continue to talk about the adventures of the cat Alexander, illustrating them in the pages of our chronicle!:)

I want to express my gratitude to all of you guys. You are our heroes! All, without exception. Without you, there would be no project if then, in 2013, none of you would respond to my message (even scary to think about that!!!) there would not be our application and community around it... So, my respect to all of you for the trust, for patience, for participation, for passion, for criticism, for support, for everything that you do for us, for the project, for me... From the heart, you guys are the best!

This is the last word this year!

And how did you spend this year with KIT Scenarist? Did he help you, or did he interfere more and more? Are you coming with us next year? Let's rock in 2018!?:)
Guys, hello everyone!

This day has come and today we publish the next update of KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 beta 3! Most of the improvements of this version concerned the script editor, import, export, and several bug fixes. So, what awaits us in the new version:

• added zen mode for working with script text (full-screen mode without panels and with the possibility of turning on the sounds of a typewriter). You can turn it on by pressing the fullscreen activation button on the toolbar or the F5 key. If you want to use fullscreen mode with panels as before, you can disable zen mode in the settings (Settings - Script Editor - Common - Hide all panels in fullscreen mode);
• added the possibility of automatic text corrections while writing text (Settings - Script editor - Editing - Automatically continue dialogues and Automatically corrections on page breaks);
• added the ability to apply text formatting to the script (bold / italic / underline) using standard keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U [for Mac OS X Cmd+B, Cmd+I, Cmd+U]) and via context menu (options are only available when there is a selected text);
• improved import and export of the formats DOCX, FDX and fountain including formatting options;
• scene numbers when exporting in PDF format are now displayed on the side of the text (as well as in the editor itself);
• now when exporting the script in DOCX for Hebrew, the correct direction of the text for the document is set;
• fixed the problem with importing DOCX-files after their modification in Apple Pages;
• fixed the problem of importing scripts in the fountain format when reading multiple blocks of consecutive dialogues;
• fixed the problem with exporting scenes description to the fountain format;
• fixed the problem with the incorrect color selection of the text in scene heading blocks when exporting to PDF and DOCX;
• fixed the problem with updating the scene counter after import;
• fixed the problem with updating the timing and counters of pages/words/characters when deleting scenes from the navigator;
• the way of turning on/off additional panels in the navigator has been slightly changed - all buttons of additional panels are now replaced by one with a drop-down list to select which panel you want to show or hide;
• there is a button added to the scene description panel that allows inserting the description of the scene into the text of the script in one click;
• added a panel of script dictionaries (places, times, transitions, etc.);
• added a lyrics block type;
• fixed the problem of applying the block style in the case when several blocks are selected at the same time;
• fixed the problem when you first turned on the spelling checker after installing the application all text was underlined in red, although the spelling dictionary was successfully loaded;
• the option of highlighting the current line and the option of highlighting the blocks of scenes are now separated into two independent settings (Settings - Script Editor - Common - Highlight blocks and Highlight current line);
• added the option to display the dialogues numbers for the script editor (Settings - Script Editor - Common - Show dialogues numbers) and for export (additional parameters of the export dialog);
• fixed crash when renaming a cloud project;
• for research elements, tooltips have been added to duplicate their names (for cases when the name does not fit into the available area);
• fixed a bug with exporting character descriptions;
• fixed a bug with the cursor jumping to the beginning of the character description when it changes;
• fixed the problem of impossibility to save the card, if no name is given;
• when creating a new script template, you can now set the base template whose parameters will inherit the template being created;
• fixed the problem with editing user templates;
• improved Windows Installer. Now it will remember the installation path if you did not use the standard installation, and after installation, it will be possible to run the application right away;
• portable version for Windows added to the download page;
• fixed the problem with truncating accents of capital letters for Courier Prime font in Windows.

Attention, friends! What I wrote above - it's certainly very cool, but! the classic genre of software development is that a large number of improvements often leads to the emergence of new errors. It's certainly not about us ... but I warned :) Please be careful when working with the current beta. If you find any errors, please immediately report, we will correct them!

Next, I plan to return to the mobile version. I know that many wishes have accumulated, we will gradually implement everything. After updating the mobile version, the module of the statistics will be updated according to the plan, plus finally it will be possible to manually restore the script from the backup file, and, I think, the ability to work with the history of changes will be implemented: saving script versions, comparing them and viewing the productivity graph of authors working on the project.

On this I finished, I wish all a fruitful year and find your own zen in writing scripts!;)

Download - https://kitscenarist.ru/en/download.html
Guys, hello everyone!

Yep, in the previous beta, there were expected problems. Suddenly was that they would be so critical! :)

So here is the next update covering the most critical of them:

• fixed the problem with playing sounds in Zen mode on computers with Windows and Linux;
• fixed the problem with export;
• fixed the problem with the hiding of the panels in the settings and other places of the program;
• fixed the problem with working with scenes nested in folders.

If you also lost all the settings, or any other important panels collapsed, here's the solution: move the mouse cursor to the edge of the window. A little to the left of the edge (a few millimeters) the mouse cursor will change. It will look like the arrows pointing left and right, catch it and drag it to the left. The hided panel will appear! This problem has been fixed so that the panel itself will not run away unless you want to do it yourself.


Thanks to all for the prompt information on the detected errors! Well, let's continue!?:)
Hello, everybody! We have finally returned to work on the mobile version of the program and the first update is ready.

So, the update includes the following improvements and fixes:
• the core of application has been updated to the latest version (in accordance with the latest stable version of the desktop version);
• a help page with information on how to use the mobile version is added to the menu;
• fixed bug with the fact that the bottom panel with styles did not always show;
• fixed crash when renaming a cloud project.

More improvements will come later!;)

P.S. Yes, yes... we remember that in our mobile version there are still problems with keyboard extensions, external keyboards and selecting/copying/pasting text ... Even cat Alexander found a couple of bugs in the iOS version... Therefore, now we will just concentrate on correcting them and bringing the mobile version to the most stable state! Thank you all for the feedback!