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Warning: spoilers are inevitable. Proceed at your own risk.

What are your favorite scenes or sequences of film and why? What moved you, made you laugh, made you love, made you hate, made you cry, made you shiver, made you gasp, made you fear, made you think, made you crazy, made you question, made your heart beat faster…made you want to do that too, that is, make similarly moving cinema.


The part in one of my favorite films, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, in which, in the third act(?), Dodge connects with his estranged father and sends his lady love, Penny, home to England. While the song "The Air that I breathe" by the Hollies plays he whispers in her ear that she is the love of his life.

Why? Well, it is beautifully put together. Martin Sheen is brilliantly cast as Dodge's father. The song is just wonderful and perfect to make an old softy me like me cry. The sequence of shots is brilliantly done, culminating with the whisper mentioned above. It is cinematic beauty, if not perfection. Pitch perfect crescendo to the building romance between Dodge and Penny, plus the father/son subplot.

What are yours?
Bane's detonator scene in The Dark Knight Rises when he blew up Gotham City including the Football stadium and the bridge.


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kevin bacon running in Death Sentence

Robert Deniro driving in the opposite direction of traffic in Ronin

Audrey Hepburn with her zebra hat talking about her family upbringing in My Fair Lady

The curious little rhino in Ace Venture 2

the insanely long single take of a massive uphill muay thai fight in The Protector

oh and serge making his espresso's in beverly hills cop.
what an awesome understated performance

The first thing that springs to mind for me is the opening of Inglorious Basterds. I find that to be a masterpiece of tension building. I find the dialogue in that scene to be excellent - I can almost hear the characters reciting it in my head, as if it were all spoken in English. Love it.
A scene that really made an impression on me was the one from Braveheart when Wallace yells 'freedom.' It's such a powerful scene.
Is that Freedom speech the gold standard for rallying cries to battle? I think that's what they had in mind in Matrix 2 when Morpheus addressed Zion's people, but he couldn't pull it off as well because of his voice.


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Is that Freedom speech the gold standard for rallying cries to battle? I think that's what they had in mind in Matrix 2 when Morpheus addressed Zion's people, but he couldn't pull it off as well because of his voice.

'freedom' wasn't a rally crying for battle but it was an epic scene and oft quoted
Well what I mean is the big speech someone makes because they're about to fight, or they're in a war, to get people pumped up.
The climax sequence in Annihilation
in the lighthouse.
It's so…mm! This is a film I've been thinking about relatively often since I saw it, which is sort of curious since I'm not sure how much I like the film overall. But this sequence really wows me in the end. The visuals and the incredible score and soundscape. Oh man, the power of that score married to the visuals of the
alien stuff and the doppelganger
as well as the sense of danger to the protagonist it all combines to achieve—wonderful cinema. It takes the film to another level.
climax in annihilation
The first flesh eating in Raw
Vince and jules walking out of the coffee shop at the end of pulp fiction
Dr manhattan's flash back when falling in love for the first time in watchmen
The girl talking to the devil at the end of the witch
Lord of the ring aragorn's dream sequences about Arwen and his memories about Arwen and Elrond's predictions about the fate of Arwen and Aragorn.(But basically every other scene in LOT too :) )
When the protagonist talks in voice over about the "fundamental instant" at the junction and his best friend going to russia and finding natasha
When Gil pender talks to himself in the bed out of shock of meeting Earnest hemingway and his other literary idols.
Mulholland drive, obviously the club silencio scene.
There is so much more I can't cover it all. I've left out all the great scenes in shows and so many other movies.
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The climactic finale of "Temple of Doom", starting with Indy's escape from captivity/brainwashing, aided by Short-Round, ending in with the big fight on the bridge/cliff, when Short Round says, "hang on lady, we going for a ride", lol.


The sword fight scene in The Princess Bride and the climax scene in Back to the Future 3 were they hijacked the steam train so that Marty McFly can return home.


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Heat, the shootout in the streets scene as well as the pullover/coffee scene as well as the ending running through the airfield.

Many more of course, I had to think of a movie that would be on TV where I would stop for a scene...
Mine would be:
The ending of Fight Club where they watch buildings fall.
The basement torture scene while Orinoco flow song is playing in The Girl with the Dragon.
Miranda Priestly's entrance in The Devil Wears Prada.
The first time they saw the brachiosaurus and welcome to Jurassic park scene in the first Jurassic Park movie.
Professor McGonagall protecting Hogwarts saying "I've always wanted to do that spell."
The scenes in Once Upon blah blah Hollywood, when Rick messes up his lines and goes nuts in his trailer. It just nails the tention of a real set and when he drinks from his flask just to spit it out straight away is just a perfect sweet spot of addict agony. Then he threatens himself to get it right and in the end he nails the scene with "a triple alliterative improve". I just want to see it on repeat :D