favorite Favorite Scenes/Sequences Ever

In RIO BRAVO, John Wayne goes to the warehouse to call out "Nathan Burdett" and his gang. Walter Brennan, "Stumpy", shows up with a double barrel shotgun to help. He finds a case of dynamite, opens it and begins throwing sticks at the warehouse. As they hit the ground, John Wayne shoots the dynamite, causing it to explode. Enter Dean Martin, who says to Stumpy "throw one for me". So the game begins of who can hit the dynamite as the building gets blown up little by little. Fun scene.

Another scene is from WATERHOLE #3 as Carrol O'Connor gets into a massive gun battle at a whore house. He has a double barrel shotgun, and with each blast the building is totally destroyed in a comical way....doors blown off their hinges, furniture exploding. Great fun in this comedy western.

And lets not forget Lee Marvin shooting at the targets in CAT BALLOU. The more he drank, the better he got.