misc Disney will reboot Firefly.

FIREFLY was an acquired taste. I came to it a few years late, so I binge watched the series on DVD, when SERENITY came out. While the plots were a bit mild, the characters were really colorful. I fell in love with most of them, by the end. Nathan Fillion was very good at going to dark places, but still remaining the good guy. Summer Glau became a favorite, especially in SERENITY. Add to that, her cyborg turn in THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, which made me gaga over her.

I'll be interested to see what the reboot is like. I'm not a huge Whedon fan, so I'm game for changes, especially if there is more adventure to it. I think the characters from the original are established enough that the new filmmakers realized the fan ire they will get, if they don't have enough depth.
I had various friends over the years that swore by this show. I usually liked Wheedon's sense of humor, but I just never thought this show was good. I do agree that Nathan Fillion does good work. Not sure bonanza in space made that much sense, and the entire cast outside Fillion was pretty forgettable. The show got cancelled so fast that you never really saw where the plot was going, so I'm not sure what everyone got so attached to. The movie was notably better, but it should have been considering it had the budget of over 400 indie films the same length.