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dig up an old project

This weekend I had my creative flow on superheroes. So, I decided to dig up an old project. The superhero web series. But I haven’t any idea what could happen. I have my series’ world, but not what could happen each episode. In VGHS (what’s one of my inspiration sources) they are trained to fight in video games contest. But for a superhero web series it would be boring when in each episode the characters fight against a super villain. So, do you have any idea or tips how to start my creative rocket. P.S.: I brainstormed a lot about superheroes and what the setting could be.


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You didn't dig up an old project you dug up another way to ask the same question...
You call that old?
2 Months is nothing for a screen play or idea.
Are you sure you have the attention span needed to work on something for a long time?

Since you were in a creative flow: what results did that flow give you?


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May 1 - “I haven't any idea how to plan it. Do you have some tip?”
May 18 - “maybe you can give me more tips about planning the idea well, writing, etc.”
May 21 - “I told you my web series idea. You know. That superhero idea. And before you start nagging. I brainstormed a lot. Although I know more now, I haven’t idea for the first episode. So, do you have any tips? How do you start?”
May 29 - “I find my series project too difficult. So, I decided to write a movie. Do you have any tip to mix these topics? How do you find it?”

July 1 - “So, do you have any idea or tips how to start my creative rocket.”

You have been given a lot of tips and ideas about this series. Each
time you come up with a different way to ask the same question and
each time you get tips from several people.

The one tip that all writers use is the one tip you do not want to
hear. And it is the one tip you will not try. You have been given
ideas on characters and dialogue and situations.

It's very difficult to help you.

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Most creativity starts with:

So this kid is German H44, yeah?

I hope not.
They do share some personality things, but hopefully FS is capable of learning to accept that a story can't be completed before writing it.

And that the only way to create a full story is the writing of it. And then rewrite.
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Your questions make no sense. You want to write a story and you ask other people to find for you the parts. So why you want to write a story if you are completely unable to imagine the beginning, the main story or a good ending? It's like I want to draw and I ask other people to tell me what to draw! Why do you even want to write. It seems that your desire is fake.


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that's kinda sexist dude