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Hi, I am making a short film with my young daughter, its basically going to be a large Mecanno spider attacking a lot of Playmobil, there will be different sets including a few scenes shot on the Moon, so we need to be able to add special effects, explosions, flying spider, gun shots , the moon , space, things like that.
We need some free editing software, would Davinci Resolve be up to the task? I can download effects from the internet but would like to do more than just add explosions. Maybe some green screen stuff?


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That sounds fun! You could also introduce some humor, for example, when on the moon the set falls apart (like in faking the Moon landing), and you could pay homage to some Godzilla, etc.
Just know, if you want to Chroma Key with Davinci or use effects, you have to buy the pro version and download it. You won't be able to use the free version for the effects.
Cool, thankyou. My PC also, its an I3 desktop with Intel HD 4400 , is this enough or will it struggle? I can edit photos but it does suck up most of the processor power.
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This is my system.

Yes its enough or yes it will struggle?

Your processor is a little underwhelming for what you’re wanting to do. And 8GB RAM is nowhere close to enough. You need 16GB minimum, but 32GB would be much more comfortable. But again, the i3 processor is probably going to be able to do it, but in a sluggish manor. 3.4GHz processing is good, but only being dual-core is on the low end of things.

And on the free/cheap level, you may also want to look into HitFilm. It doesn’t get a lot of love on this forum, but for the hobbyist who doesn’t have much to spend on high-end software, and who may not want so steep a learning curve, HitFilm can do all the compositing you’re wanting to do. There’s a free version as well as a paid version. The paid version opens up quite a few features.
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I tried using the free version of Davinci and it maxed out my CPU when rendering, it was a few clips and a backing track. So it can do it with basic stuff, but only just. If I added effects I take it rendering would put more strain on the CPU?
Yes its enough or yes it will struggle?

One of those choices. It all depends on the specs of your PC.

You basically said, I've got a car. 4 cylinders. Will it be good enough?

So how about you describe the specs of the computer and what you will be doing with it and you might get a chance of a reasonably accurate answer.

I tried using the free version of Davinci and it maxed out my CPU when rendering

Yep, it'll do that when appropriate.