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"dark crimes" screening in Hollywood


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Thanks for mentioning the bells. It's required that everyone be there with bells.

It's a free screening! And $3 off with the bells.
Btw... that first establishing scene in the bar was amazing. :cool:

That's one of the longest takes I think I've ever seen. The camera-person sure had their work cut out for them, continually moving about that like that.

How many takes did you do for that, and how many rehearsals before trying to first shoot it?


IndieTalk's Resident Guru
We rehearsed for on full day - 12 hours. Then shot it the next day.

Four partial takes (one of them cut 18min in when the StediCam operator backed into a chair), three complete takes. A 22 minute shot.

You should have seen that set. Operator, wireless boom (actors were all mic'd too), wireless follow focus and me with a wireless clamshell. Four crew and seven actors all doing a silent dance to make that shot happen.