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"dark crimes" in Trail Dance

Congrats! :)

you'll be in good company as there are five films playing that we played at IPIFF including three award winners in Art Seymour, Jenny's Journal, and The Garage... also a few were selected that we received but did not accept.

By the way, if Thor & Lena are there for Something True, tell them I say hi!
This was a very good flick. :cool:

Saw it at the premiere in Los Angeles... sadly, didn't get a chance to personally greet the good directorik himself.

Congrats on the continued success! :cheers:


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It's been a tough road - as it is for all of us indie movie makers. 27 festival entries, 3 acceptances, another 10 to hear from. My movie plays really will with an audience - big laughs and gasps - but not so well without a crowd.

We gotta meet, Zen. A couple of locals don't really have an excuse....
Congrats, Rik!

Two films I am heavily involved with, "Checking In" and "Under My Skin" will also be screening at Trail Dance Film Festival.

On "Checking In" I was co-writer, director, producer, editor, composer and scorpion wrangler, and on "Under My Skin" I was one of the producers and editor. UMS is up for Best Dramatic Film, and has already won Best Thriller at the Route 66 Film Festival.

I think Checking In is proving tough for fests to categorize - it's a dark comedy/thriller with a twist, and sometimes, even I don't know what to submit it as - it's not funny enough to be a comedy, it has too much humor to be a striaght up thriller...

I was planning to travel out for the fest, as I was seeing an actress in OKC for a short while, but that seems to have fallen apart, so I'm going to save my funds and lick my wounds here in L.A. Have fun in Duncan, Rik.


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"dark crimes" got another "WINNER" for the DVD box. We won Best Mystery/Suspence.

I couldn't go to the fest. I was shooting a movie in Florida and missed my plane to Dallas. By the time I got there it was too late to see my movie, so I just headed back home.
Congratulations on your win, Rik - we also picked up a laurel for "Under My Skin" which was awarded "Best Drama". I understand the fest was pretty well attended and it sounds like they'll be doing it again next year.

I ended up accepting the award over a cell phone they held up to the mic on stage at the awards ceremony.

Sorry you missed your flight - hate it when you make a plan and it falls apart en route.


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Thanks, guys. Now if I could just get this thing distributed....

They did the same with me, Steve. I wonder how many awards were accecpted over the phone that night?