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Vladimir Putin has ever been our friend and ally


In Q2 the Swedish economy shrunk with 8.6%. (Some call that saving the economy, lol.)
Dutch economy shrunk 8.5% while we had what we like to call a 'smart lockdown': not a complete lockdown like France and Italy had, but farmore restrictions than Sweden.
Most economic research shows the virus kills the economy more than the various measures in various countries.

Anyway: we're working from home together since march, in the same room, and it's going perfectly well. :)
We even made an office room in the house.


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I shot another promo for Disney - the second time we did a "Welcome Back"
piece. Maybe this time the CA governor will allow them to open.

Also just finished the second day on the the once-a-month talk show gig.
So in 6 months I've done 5 days of work!

In August I tested positive for C-19. I showed no symptoms, I felt great. The
medical practitioner said this was the most accurate test and a false positive
was "statistically impossible". I got a call from the L.A. health dept for contact
tracing which, of course, led to fear and concern of everyone I had been in
contact with over the previous two weeks. Why 2 weeks?

A scary 24 hours later I took another test: negative. Just to be sure I took a
third from a different place: negative. Knowing I had this talk show gig coming
up I got a forth. Negative. Finally on Sept. 15, one week befor the second talk
show shoot I took my forth test; outcome was the usual. But now I'm listed as
a positive covid case in California.

Makes me wonder how many here and nation wide are like me. I personally
know three others. Just in my very small circle of friends there are four who
have tested positive but were, in fact, negative. I'm listening to a podcast
baced here in L.A. and he just went through the same thing last week. And
that makes five...
Most important: glad to hear you feel okay, Rik!
To anwser your 'Why two weeks?': the virus has an incubation time that can be as long as 2 weeks. Which is very long for a virus. (Ebola strikes hard and fast: luckily, I would say, otherwise it would spread just as easily as covid-19. The common cold has a 3 day incubation time.)
So, when you are indeed infected, you could have been infected by someone 2 weeks ago.
Not sure about how long you can be infectious without having symptoms, though. Some say 2 or 3 days.

The Netherlands is heading towards a second lockdown. Hospital and intensive care numbers are climbing just as fast as in March.
They hope to contain it again with a short period of measures.
We'll see.
I'm as careful as I can: don't have time to get brainfog because I wanted to 'was done with social distancing'.

In Iceland one couple of tourists was relectant to self quarantine: the are linked to the majority of the new cases there. (WTF!)


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In Iceland one couple of tourists was relectant to self quarantine: the are linked to the majority of the new cases there. (WTF!)

I hear you. Our premiere is very protective with her border controls and lockdown at a drop of a hat. We had an outbreak here, nothing major compared to what I'm hearing from around the world, about 100 people. They currently believe it's from 3 border jumpers who were on a crime spree in a covid hotspot. It doesn't take a lot for it to get out of control. All it can take is a careless or selfish person to set it in motion. It happened in one of our southern states. They're starting to come out of months of very restrictive lockdowns.