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Vladimir Putin has ever been our friend and ally



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Why take offense at a pun? Putin, putin :rofl:


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You poutine me on!

In Q2 the Swedish economy shrunk with 8.6%. (Some call that saving the economy, lol.)
Dutch economy shrunk 8.5% while we had what we like to call a 'smart lockdown': not a complete lockdown like France and Italy had, but farmore restrictions than Sweden.
Most economic research shows the virus kills the economy more than the various measures in various countries.

Anyway: we're working from home together since march, in the same room, and it's going perfectly well. :)
We even made an office room in the house.


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I shot another promo for Disney - the second time we did a "Welcome Back"
piece. Maybe this time the CA governor will allow them to open.

Also just finished the second day on the the once-a-month talk show gig.
So in 6 months I've done 5 days of work!

In August I tested positive for C-19. I showed no symptoms, I felt great. The
medical practitioner said this was the most accurate test and a false positive
was "statistically impossible". I got a call from the L.A. health dept for contact
tracing which, of course, led to fear and concern of everyone I had been in
contact with over the previous two weeks. Why 2 weeks?

A scary 24 hours later I took another test: negative. Just to be sure I took a
third from a different place: negative. Knowing I had this talk show gig coming
up I got a forth. Negative. Finally on Sept. 15, one week befor the second talk
show shoot I took my forth test; outcome was the usual. But now I'm listed as
a positive covid case in California.

Makes me wonder how many here and nation wide are like me. I personally
know three others. Just in my very small circle of friends there are four who
have tested positive but were, in fact, negative. I'm listening to a podcast
baced here in L.A. and he just went through the same thing last week. And
that makes five...


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Did you take the antibody test?
Most important: glad to hear you feel okay, Rik!
To anwser your 'Why two weeks?': the virus has an incubation time that can be as long as 2 weeks. Which is very long for a virus. (Ebola strikes hard and fast: luckily, I would say, otherwise it would spread just as easily as covid-19. The common cold has a 3 day incubation time.)
So, when you are indeed infected, you could have been infected by someone 2 weeks ago.
Not sure about how long you can be infectious without having symptoms, though. Some say 2 or 3 days.

The Netherlands is heading towards a second lockdown. Hospital and intensive care numbers are climbing just as fast as in March.
They hope to contain it again with a short period of measures.
We'll see.
I'm as careful as I can: don't have time to get brainfog because I wanted to 'was done with social distancing'.

In Iceland one couple of tourists was relectant to self quarantine: the are linked to the majority of the new cases there. (WTF!)


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In Iceland one couple of tourists was relectant to self quarantine: the are linked to the majority of the new cases there. (WTF!)

I hear you. Our premiere is very protective with her border controls and lockdown at a drop of a hat. We had an outbreak here, nothing major compared to what I'm hearing from around the world, about 100 people. They currently believe it's from 3 border jumpers who were on a crime spree in a covid hotspot. It doesn't take a lot for it to get out of control. All it can take is a careless or selfish person to set it in motion. It happened in one of our southern states. They're starting to come out of months of very restrictive lockdowns.


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Conversation at enterprise

maam are you here to drop off?
You can put your keys in the deposit
-the car isn’t parked here tho it’s parked over at nissan
How did you get here?
- I drove my car
Usually people drive the rental and then we drop them off at their car.
-okay I can still do that. I’ll drive to Nissan and get my car

woman walks to the door as I stare in disbelief

she’s going to drive to Nissan, drive back, then they will drive to Nissan again and they’ll drive back.
two round trips !

so I speak up
“If they just drive you there now to pick up the vehicle you’ll only need one trip. You don’t have to go there twice”
Guy shakes his head at me
Ma’am I don’t have that kind of man power
”but you’re going to drive her there anyway why are you making her take an extra trip?”

man shakes his head again and tells the woman to go get the car on her own. lol. Nobody had any idea what I was talking about. Communication is su a struggle
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Not been having a good week.
Some of you guys know I have a sprinter van, it’s the first new car I’ve ever had in my life. A Mercedes with 5000 miles on it. I dropped it off at the dealership for its first oil change and they called me to say they crashed it and it needs to go to the body shop. Same day I dropped my phone and cracked it when I woke up in the morning. Today I was going to do a photo shoot with a model but she canceled on me


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Vladimir would have turned 11 years old today. He was euthanized from lung cancer august 31st 3:20 pm.
It was such a hard first two months and I would get so angry out of nowhere...

I haven't worked in about 7 years and so me and Vladimir were together 24/7 during that time. it was a very strong bond and he was my pick of the litter from 13 puppies. So he was always a special dog.

So thankful that I had him in my life . Also thankful for all of the work he did for me on tinder 😄
There's no way 2021 can be a worse year right?


2021 be like I'm here bitches

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