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Are you brand loyal? And if so, which brands, and why?

I know there are "Panasonic" people, and "Sony" people. "Sennheiser" and "Rode" people etc. Then there are those that do research and buy what they think is best for them at that time, and are not brand loyal. Others shop by price.

Which are you? Or are you a hybrid?

It all depends upon the product.

For my DAW software I don't really have much choice; if I want to stay compatible with other audio post facilities I have to use Avid Pro Tools. For MIDI and other musical applications I gravitate towards Digital Performer and then transfer over to Pro Tools for mixing.

When it comes to mics I tend to gravitate towards the big names (Senneheiser, AKG, Neumann, etc.), but don't have loyalty to a specific brand. I'm looking for a quality build/durability and long-term resale value in addition to the ability to capture the sound that desire. For many music applications the "color" and "warmth" (tonal quality) of the mic tend to be characteristics of specific mics. I have many different brands in my mic collection. Things like mic pre-amps tend to go in and out of fashion, and I in this case look for what will get the job done in my price range. I listen to what my peers are saying and using much, much more than what "fashion" dictates.


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I am brand loyal. When I find a brand I like I stay with them. Not that I won't "stray".

Ever since JVC introduced their digital camera (the DV500) I've stayed with them. So I am "JVC" people.
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Both. I first started using Final Draft around 1991-92 on my RIPPING FAST 486DX25. There may be better products out there, but Final Draft is like me... older, slower, maybe not quite as versatile, but still gets the job done (and without the groans and cracks). But you can't ignore the advances in cameras, lenses, lighting, sound, SFX, or anything that requires a batter or a plug. I still love the smell of Eastman film stock ( I used 5254 in my Yashica's), but I couldn't PROVE that the finished product was any better (or worse) than what you can get from today's digital. So I will defer to those of you younger and INFINITELY smarter than I, while I regale my grandkids with those "back in MY day..." tales. BTW, since my Air Force days in the 70's, my only "dress" sneakers have been Adidas Superstar (white with 3 blue or black stripes).
I've become an inadvertent Apple evangelist (iPhone and MacBook) but other than that I'm quite flexible. I own gear from Canon, Rode, Shure, Zoom...etc. Rode is probably the brand I have the most of, in terms of different pieces.

I also always wear a West Ham baseball cap, but that's more sporting partisanship than brand loyalty!
Yep, I'm brand-loyal. I'm a Canon person. Their cameras are super-affordable and since I've been using them a while I know how to get the best out of them. Switching brands would require learning a new way of doing things and I ain't got time for that. If I were a cinematographer I suppose I'd invest the time in learning different cameras but I'm more of a screenwriter so I focus my time on that.

For editing, I'm 100% Adobe.
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