hollywood About the Will Smith incident.

Everyone knows how the Emcee at the Oscars made fun of his wife, and he went on stage and hit the Emcee, causing him to be banned for 10 years. I thought it was a publicity stunt, but it was real. As a lawyer, I have no tolerance for assault, so I would not cast him in my films, though I'm sure he's not going to lose any sleep over it.

I'm just shooting the breeze, but what do you guys think of what he did?


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He lost some work for a few months. But he's back now. He won't be
at the Oscars (I'm in rehearsal for the show right now) but he'll keep
getting work. And people will still go see his movies.

I suspect all of us think what he did was stupid and terrible. I think he's
a coward for sucker-punching Rock like that on stage. I'm with you that
he didn't lose any sleep over the assault - be he did lose sleep over the
possibility of losing work.


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If someone bigger and tougher like LL Cool J was making the joke I can't imagine will smith would have slapped them.
Will smith would have gotten knocked the fuck out live on television, and he only attacked rock because (no offense to rock) he is scrawny

Very much a bully.

Remember that time someone broke into LL Cool J's house?
It's one of my all time favorite news stories in the world.

Talk about breaking into the wrong house!!!!
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I did standup comedy for a couple of years in baltimore.
One time as a new comic I tried a joke "I'm not a racist but somehow this sentence made me sound like one" and then I had a black guy in the audience tell me if he was more drunk that he would have stabbed me.

I really didn't appreciate that ya know, I wasn't saying anything mean or deragatory about anyone I was just trying to be clever and funny and fell on my face instead. That happens as a new comic.

Some people can talk about contraversial stuff and make it funny and the audience likes it, some people can't, but you'll never know if you can do that as a comic or not unless you try. And it's a shitty time to try, when you're new and maybe you cross the line accidentally trying to find where the line even is, and then someone uploads a video, or maybe they stand up out of the audience and stab you?

TLDR Will Smith is a role model and it's detestible that he would normalize attacking comedians for making jokes on a stage.
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Personally my favorite part of this story happened days after the slap. Representatives from the LA law enforcement community were interviewed on TV, and told the press that an investigation of the incident was underway, and that numerous salaried experts were hard at work attempting to decipher this complex chain of event. Apparently, police were "getting closer to understanding what happened" just days after one guy slapped another in front of 8 cameras filming from different angles. I remember thinking, "I wonder how much money the government would have to spend figuring out what happened if three people slapped each other" since it was clearly costing tens of thousands of dollars in public funds for them to parse out what happened on a crystal clear recording of one person performing a simple action.
@sfoster, you should have reported that individual to the police for uttering threats, which is a criminal offence.

@directorik, nice to hear from you again, and, unfortunately, he may not be feeling any remorse over his wrongdoing.

Would you cast him in your film? I'm just curious, but I wouldn't.
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Back in the day, not too long ago, Eddie Murphy could say what he wanted, Jerry Seinfeld could say what he wanted. Everybody could say whatever they wanted (for the most part) and people laughed or they didn't. Now, it's true, saying the wrong thing, even in jest, can get you fired, cancelled, or killed. Do you remember Seinfeld? He poked fun at EVERYBODY, including himself. It was funny!!

I read a lot of books written between 1920 and 1975. Today, those books would probably not be published without some serious editing. By today's standards, those books were extremely racist.

About Will Smith, there must have been something unsaid about that night. His actions were not only out of character, but came across as completely random. One second he was laughing at the joke. The next, he was furious. Some people say he was having an emotional breakdown because of the problems with his wife (ex-wife?).. I do think he should have been arrested though. If any one of us did what Smith did, we would have been.

The worst part of the incident was when he went up to receive an Oscar. People stood and gave him an ovation. Even if he deserved the Oscar, you would think the dark cloud of his violent act would cause people to rebuff his earlier behavior by staying seated and only clapping to be polite.


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Podcast story - Adam Devine's wife, chloe, laughed so hard in her chair that she threw her head back and .... accidentally nailed chris rock right in the balls with her skull. Poor Chris Rock lol this dude taking some serious abuse 😄