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treatment 10 Word Treatment (Horror)


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An internet game where we create a story in treatment form with 10 words per post, no back-to-back posting.

Genre: Horror

Setting: 1990s Louisiana backwoods.

I'll start!

The sun casts a golden light over the bayou. A...
, to Randall "Mom's gonna kill you!" Gator: "Too late haaa!"
which smokes. "Ha HA!" A tiny alligator the size of a
back in Louisiana, Randall is turning back into human form
Randall: "I'm a mutant gator not a mutant turtle!" Laughter.
Jeremy: "Paris? Dubois something... Louisiana experiment—OW! (drops cratewood) it's HOT!"
"So are we the experiment?" Suddenly, the original creature appears
Meanwhile, back in the lab under the Eiffel tower, "A-ha!"!
"Mon dieu! No, the radioactive saliva must not penetrate!" Suddenly