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    watch Short News Parody

    Hey guys, Put together a short parody of an A Current Affair style news story. Would love to hear what you think, any improvements that could be made, etc. Cheers! Seb
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    watch Youtube Sketch Comedy

    Hey all! I've just launched my youtube sketch comedy series. Check it out when you have time :) Let me know what you think! Cheers Guys!
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    watch 30 second comedy

    Hey Everyone! Had a free afternoon so I put together probably the dumbest video you've ever seen. Let me know what you think :p
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    Lenses for the 5D

    Hey all! I just started shooting a web series and have picked up a canon 5d mii. Just ordered a 24mm samyang 1.4, and a 50mm canon 1.4. We're doing things on the cheap, can't afford lighting, so I figured these two lenses would help us out in low light conditions. Any recommendations on any...
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    FIRST PITCH Feature Film Comedy A failed business man inherits a struggling nursing home, only to find the patients there have been turned into zombies, and he has no choice but to rebuild it and run it successfully.
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    Hey Guys :) Basically I just wanted to make a space where we could pitch log lines for film ideas, tv pilots, short films, etc. and critique each other. I've been reading a lot of material lately that's been emphasising the fact that you need to nail down your log line before you even begin...
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    Disney is shutting dow LucasArts.

    The empire's been dead for ages anyway. I do hope they do something decent with the new SW films though...
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    best camera for web video?

    hey guys, currently planning a shoot for a 10 part web series, looking for a camera but not sure what to use. I know of some canon A1's that I have used before but are there better options out there for web video? cheers :) Seb
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    strong morning light

    the room will be pretty large, so I think we can rig inside. I hire all my lights from school, they have a bit of a range there. from memory I think they might have a 1k fresnel, but I'd have to check. could it be done with weaker lights if necessary? p.s. how will hazing the room help...
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    strong morning light

    hey dudes, working on a short with a bedroom scene that's supposed to be set early in the morning. any suggestions on how to get a good strong morning light effect? Like a real yellow orange you get just after dawn/before dusk. I'm looking for a youtube vid to show what I mean but haven't found...
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    Any Aussies?

    :) Hello fellow australians Just wondering who you are, where you are and what sort of work you have done/do at the moment. Just want to meet some new people :) My names Sebastian. I am in Melbourne. I am currently studying at film school. Your turn :P
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    Notes on Style

    interesting read. I have a friend that likes hand held shots, i'm not a massive fan I would much rather track or keep a shot still. worst comes to worst steadicam -> but only when its needed. maybe I should get him to read this :P
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    Revenge genre

    Kill bill vol. 1 & 2. Nuff said haha.
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    getting hit with a shovel..

    whats a decent high frame rate? brilliant suggestions so far, thanks very much. I'd love to get a fake shovel but have no idea how i'd pull that off? haha.
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    camera settings for web

    thanks man! i was leaning towards the A1 because I've worked with it more and I agree its a great camera. what are some problems i would encounter with the interlaced footage over the progressive?