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    Inciting event timing and amount of action

    Yeah I am thinking about just writing it out after i do another version of the treatment same overall story and tone just a bit more even.
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    Inciting event timing and amount of action

    I have went with a completely new approach with a treatment for a screenplay i have been trying to write for years. I basically changed the tone and made the charachters a lot younger and smarter than they originally were the oldest person in the core group of closely knit charachters besides...
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    What's so great about the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy?

    I seen the first one, it was okay could have been better. What runed it for me is that shot you see too much of in sex scenes, especially porn. (Shot of mans butt thrusting) Seriously. Who thinks that shot is a great idea? And Dakota Johnson is hot. So there's that for me. :-) The Tv edit is...
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    Raise Britannic Treatment.

    REDACTED LOCATION AREA 58 MILITARY BASE Thomas is being worked on by army surgeons. Prof thaddius king and agent padgett watch through an observation window. Prof king tells him that he is not going to allow him to lock up his children. Padgett tells him that they destroyed NASA propery and...
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    Raise Britannic Treatment.

    It was meant to have a chronicle like feel I guess. Raise The Britannic Treatment By Raymond Lee Leggs 1/30/2017 Version 1.0 (gritty grounded realistic) Our Little (BIG) movie begins with a shot of the Wreck of the HMHS Britannic...
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    How to write a Semi Limited location movie without padding?

    There is no bomb, the terrorists set off an aerosol in the cabin, and only a handful on the plane do not subcome to the virus. (the plane is not filled to capacity anyway). In the ground similar things have happened. Its basically like hurricane Katrina but on a National scale. We dont see...
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    How to write a Semi Limited location movie without padding?

    How do you write a Semi limited location film without it feeling like you're just trying to pad it out after scaling it down too much. Lets just say your FIRST HALF or so of the script takes place in a limited location, like a Plane, bus, yatch, train, or a cruise ship that got stranded on an...
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    Adapting a novel, but not adapting the whole novel.

    what is the best way to do this. I originally started out years ago writing a fan remake of a movie that was adapted from a book over 20 years ago, i used the original movie as a template, and added more tuff from the book. over time i decided to re do it into something original, eschewing...
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    Dated premise

    Heres some of MANY I have, SNATCHERS, A film about a mysterious pink goop that turns the residents of a small city into mindless drones, and its up to an escapee from a womens prison, and an over eager state trooper to save the day.. FREEZE/OVER, thriller about a detective hot on the trail...
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    Dated premise

    How do you know if your premise is outdated?
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    thriller with no villain?

    I keep writing treatments for my thriller raise britannic. the problem is i cant get the villain right. The villain is supposed to be trying to stop the main characters from convincing the UN to raise the britannic in order to get the cure for the virus, but it feels as if it wouldn't make sense...
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    What is the white board and screen for?

    What is the white board and screen for?
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    Where did you start as a filmmaker?

    Sperm Bank? EW!!
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    Total price for decent level filming?

    Talent is what matters ther are a lot of experienced directors out there that make Crappy films because they do not have much talent. Most low budget movies suck do to poor Planning, Writing and Rushing to make the film instead of taking your time to set up a good shot, or anything else for that...
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    John Hinkley Jr. movie?

    that's pretty interesting.