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Jack Reacher! WTF?????! Why do I want to see this? Who is Jack, what is he reaching for? Never seen it.

Keep the list going!
Oh well the first one is written and directed by my favorite film maker Chris McQuarrie.
So you should definitely see it!

I think the worst title is "The Rising"
Every bad movie title adds "rising" or "ascending" or whatever to the end. and a lot of bad movie titles start with the word The.

So "The Rising" just threw both of them together and there you go
Con Air!

Horror films sometimes have the worst titles especially modern one, I havent found any modern 'monsters' scary but even if you did find it scary after watching unless its a legendary monster you dont actually know what it is before the film so its just a silly sounding made up name, I find it pretty hard to be scared of anything thats name is as silly as 'Bye Bye Man' or 'Babadook-dook-dook'

I mean how did it become a thing? classic horror baddies have names like Michael Myers, Freddie Kruger, Hannibal Lecter not silly things like 'Mr sleepy man' or 'The Rat-a-tat-tat' etc...

Then you have all your terrible b-list movies with titles like 'Zomboobies', 'Zoombies', 'Zombikini' etc...
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The Bye Bye Man. Yuck! Although, one title that did put me off watching a film for many years was Mullholland Drive. Just sounded so mundane but really enjoyed the movie when I was finally persuaded to give it a go, the title gives no indication about the theme of the film.
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Happy Death Day sounds like a high school project but the film and its sequel (Happy Death Day 2U may even be worse) are actually good, fun films. Took me forever to go ahead and watch them because i judged them solely on their titles for the longest time.
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There is a japanese anime series called "that time I got reincarnated into a slime":rofl:
"I am the pretty thing that lives inside the house" . Don't get me wrong this movie is really good. but the title?..
"the rope curse" 😆 - "exists"- " killer therapy" sh** movie btw - "the new mutants" I mean.. couldn't be a bit more creative? - "I am thinking of ending things" again not a bad movie but iffy title.