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misc Why do TV shows keep attention better?


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Why is it 180 minute movies seem long as hell and in dire need of editing, but I can spend an entire week watching 180 hours of 24 and then want another season?
What exactly is going on that a movie has way more thought, time and money put into it and yet is boring and long with 1/10th of the running time of a show?

Anyone have any good resources or opinions on structuring of a TV show - not just episodes but seasons as well...
Like is every single episode hitting the same notes at the same time if I were to go back and mark everything down for a season of 24?

Big moment at 12 minutes, 30 minutes and the end of the episode?
What about season after season after season, do they all just keep repeating the heroes journey?
"Stylistically, the show uses point of view shots—giving the programme its title—with the thoughts of main characters Mark and Jeremy audible as voice-overs."
Yeah thats what I thought.

I am looking for shows that do more than 2 main characters, but less than game of thrones.
Really looking for that 3-4 character sweet spot.
Season 5 Shut Up GIF by Friends
This older article has some intersting points
This older article has some intersting points

Yes, for me the decision is rather simple.
Harry Potter focused on one character therefore I won't.

A lot of my decisions are movitvated by being different than Harry Potter, cause we've already been there and done that.
Also looking for show breakdown recomendations that balance 3-4 POV characters

(I'm one episode into the diplomat)
Okay so it's not a *SHOW* but fuck I'm so glad that I started reading the three musketeers and stuck with it after that awful boring chapter 1.
Dumas is delivering, and it's a great story example of a group of 3-4 and I really love the way he seamlessly transitions between different character povs for quick scenes. It's laid out just like a modern television show like that and there is no embossing or anything to indicate a viewpoint transition it just flows through the story.

The writing style might just be the model I need for my novel
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