movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

The Consequences of Love - Super tense atmospheric euro thriller.. well there's alot more brooding than thrilling, but you get a good cinematographer in cool hotel along with a great actor smoking his guts out and yr pretty much halfway to art house havana!!! 7/10
"The wrong man" By Hitchcock - 6/10

Brilliant acting, amazing blocking and original camera moves.
A must see for Directors/Dops!
I'm not Scared 7/10

Good Italian thriller. Beautiful cinematography, a scene that made me fall back in my chair, fantastic acting, and an interesting story. The film has a great soundtrack as well.

Have you ever watched a movie when you're getting all excited for the climax, then it briefly ends? Yeah. That's what bothered me. The third act is the film was pretty weak to me.

But regardless of the film's flaws, it's entertaining and interesting.
Life Of PI 1/5


Out of everything, I disliked the story and the motive behind it because it's not true.

What was with the switching from widescreen to 4:3 during scenes?! :crazy:
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Watched two this weekend at Stowe Story Labs:

Ain't Them Bodies Saints: 6/10. Beautiful production design, horrible camera work in parts (I don't know what was up with the steadicam operator, but "steadi" was definitely not the case, which was completely wrong for this kind of film), phenomenal acting (that's really what saved it), interesting/good story but poorly structured and executed. It was interesting to watch this in a screenwriting/development lab setting, as it made me be much more critical than I might have been otherwise.

Small Apartments: 7.5/10. Really great production design and cinematography, great acting, quite funny, though parts of it were a bit too bizarre for me, and I felt like it dragged a little in the second half of the second act. But overall it was very watchable. It was interesting discussing it with the screenwriter (who also wrote the novel) before and after (and generally just hanging out with him all weekend and getting tons of valuable info).
The Invention of Lying. It's a rather small movie made by Ricky Gervais. You may know it.
Really touched my heart,wasn't expecting that.. And for that reason,and because it's Ricky Gervais,I'll give it 10/10. :)
John Dies at the End 5/10

Really strange film. Original? Yep! One reviewer said it has enough stories and scenes for 10 movies. But is that a good thing? The film feels cluttered and messy, and occasionally "too much". The film needs more Paul Giamatti as well. He delivered the most interesting and entertaining performance (like many films he's in). The film dragged as well. Took around 30/40 minutes for me to get into.

The film has fairly good VFX/SFX and cinematography. Some very funny moments as well. The "cage scene" :lol:

The movie also felt like it was leading up to something fantastic and exciting. It just kind of.. ended.

It's not going to be a classic or something people are going to talk about with years to come, but it's an okay watch if you're bored.
Life Of PI 1/5


Out of everything, I disliked the story and the motive behind it because it's not true.

What was with the switching from widescreen to 4:3 during scenes?! :crazy:

What I meant was the story WAS purely fictitious, but the fact that all religions could be equal doesn't make sense because they all contradict one another.

Oops. I get what you mean now. My bad :lol:

I didn't think that the the message/motive of the film was that all religions are equal, I think Ang Lee was just trying to appeal to a broader audience and not get the film labeled and attached to a certain religion.

I think there are many themes, messages, and symbols in the film that are somewhat unclear, and cannot be completely understood.
Frost/Nixon 8/10

Great film. The performances are amazing.

It was a difficult movie to watch. The hero and villain was unclear. At one moment in the film, I feel anger towards Nixon, the next moment, I feel sympathy for him.

When a film can do that to you, you know it's a great film!
The Hurricane 9/10

Great film. Phenomenal performances, an inspiring story, great pacing and production value, a good score, and nice visuals.

I can't complain.


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World War Z 3/5

Good attempts to keep the boring stuff interesting, but overall the whole storyline and characters were nothing special
It's a Disaster. I liked it. Right at Your Door meets Carnage (sort of) meets Home for the Holidays meets Seeking a Friend for the End of the World meets
This is something that indie filmmakers could make. Though it does have a few celebrities. The ending...wellllllllll. I would have liked something more closure, I suppose, but it could have been worse, so... I think it might grow on me.
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Warm Bodies - 8.5/10
Great movie, especially to watch with older children.
Fair liberal usage of the zombie genré; departures from tradition no more grievous than the relatively new "running zombie."
At least the relationship between Julie(tte) and R(omeo) showed merit.
The balcony scene was delightful.

The Lords of Salem - 5/10
If you miss it you ain't missing much.
If you're a Rob Zombie groupie it's a must see, but definitely the weakest of his films I've seen (four of them).
It's a mildly interesting scenario, I just didn't care for the muddled mess of it.
Watching someone go nutty just isn't much entertainment for me.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - 3/10
The incredibly boring film.
The incredible waste of one, two, three top talents.
The language was just un-effing-necessary. Not helping, or adding anything.
Just... don't waste your time.

The Hidden Fortress - 6.5/10
On the DVD is an extra about an interview of George Lucas talking about how this movie greatly influenced his writing and art direction of Star Wars IV.
I can so easily see that, from the relationship between Tahei and Matashichi inspiring R2D2 & C3PO, to the rambling epicness of the journey (which seriously impaired my interest in this film), to even the wipes between sequences.
If you just love all things Star Wars (and I only casually enjoy the films, but mostly appreciate the film history) then you gotta watch this.
And the scenes/camerawork look fantastic. Really impressive considering the tech of the day vs. the sh!t every GD fool with a camcorder puts out on youtube these days.

After.Life - 4/10
An epic wasting of Liam Neeson's talent and Christina Ricci's nudidity.
I don't recall how I got Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo's film on my radar, but much like 'Iron Sky' once I saw it I was pretty bored and disappointed.
The "new great turn in horror" was lost on me.
Existential snorefest.
Gopherit →

Bitch Slap - 2/10
Piece of Crap. (Yeah! It's supposed to rhyme!)
I punched out @ 10min in.
No sh!t sandwiches for me. :no:

War Games - 10/10
Wonderful neo-classic story & film.
"Shall we play a game?" ← What PG-13 films these days have such fruitful lines as this?
It's great.
A must see with mid to older teens.