series What series are you watching?

What I mean by that is they have the lead guy keep acting clueless, like oh my all this crazy stuff just randomly keeps happening...
Acting like he has no idea that reality tv producers fuck with shit and encourage shenanigans, playing dumb a bit too heavily, reality tv has been around for decades, everyone knows the drama is upsold. I am willing to accept that he believes some of the actors are real people, but unwilling to accept that he is so dumb he thinks the massive chaos around him is all completely natural and a normal part of the jury system. They overplay their hand basically, having him act completely clueless, still funny though, like i said.
yea, just watched this one too, although I skipped the two episodes before the last one. I don't know. I can believe he didn't catch on, but can also believe that he might have, and they turned him into an actor too. The first seems more likely, but who really cares, lol. Yea I agree, though, some pretty funny bits.

But I found my self worrying about the guy. Sure they gave him a shit-ton of money, and he's probably fine, but I'm not sure it's cool to screw with someone's sense of reality for so long--I'm afraid it could trigger some kind of dissociative syndrome, and these, some times, can stick.
I'm watching this new series "Silo"

It's terrible.

"In a world, ravaged by the phantom tendrils of a mysterious apocolypse, an underground society has formed in a staggeringly expensive filming location. Futuristic factions are engaged in intense rivalries in a tale of dystopian despair, and humanity's tireless quest for freedom, and the sky above"

Scene 1-1000

"I want a baby"

"what will the neighbors think"

"suzy has a baby, why can't I have a baby"

"you know it's forbidden to have a baby because of space law"

"we should get a form from the high council so I can have a baby"

"The high council will never agree to that, it's too dangerous for the future"

"I'll pull some strings and see if we can get a baby license from the space council"

"they did it, they gave us the baby license"

"Shelia will be so jealous of my baby"

"There, they took out the space birth control device, now we can have a baby"

"Wait a second, why am I not pregnant with a baby yet?"

"oh no, they only faked taking out the birth control space device, to fool me into thinking I could have a baby!"

"I'll cut the real one out with home guestimate surgery, then I can have a baby"

"I've thought a lot about this in the last 20 seconds, and now that I can finally have a baby......."

"I've decided to kill myself. I've gone crazy because an old lady talked to me for a few minutes while I constantly told her to shut up"

"No my decision is final, and I'm probably not killing myself anyway, because now I suddenly think that there is a paradise outside the airlock"

"Oh no, my wife committed suicide while everybody watched. Very dramatic. I think I will also commit suicide while everyone watches in the exact same way, but from different camera angles"

"Wait a second, there is a magic paradise outside! They were matrixing us all along with their Truman show tricks! Except there was no foreshadowing and we just said what the trick was and showed a monitor doing the trick. Brilliant!"
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It's terrible.

Yup. This stuff: pick one from column A, one from column, B, one from column C--movies that someone thought were cool and that made some money. Jesus, why bother?
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I tried to watch that and im just too cynical about standup. She does one set and suddenly she has someone believing in her and following her around lmao.
Yup. I watched the whole thing, Mrs. Maisel, but I really only liked Tony Shalhoub and the guy who played Lenny Bruce. Other than that, silly (evidently she became . . .
Philip Roth's girlfriend, or something-- christ.

The main problem re verisimilitude, I think, was that her standup just wasn't very funny. On the other hand, Tony Shalhoub cracked me up with stuff like:

Mrs. M: "The kids can go fuck themselves."

Shalhoub (her dad): "No they may not!"
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Did not have the highest opinion of rob
Yea, I hoped this, Real Rob, would be better because i do have some fondness for Schneider--for "making copies." (Along with "cheeseburger cheeseburger" one of my favorite old silly SNL bits that I am most likely, sadly, to imitate. The sfostermeister! :))
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And, in the same vein as the Schneider thing, but much better and genuinely funny: Life's Too Short, with Warwick Davis (HBO).
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Finished Season 2 of the Foundation, great show with some slow spots that are easy to identify and fast foward through

Lee Pace Smile GIF by Apple TV

Started The Invasion and damn it kicks off with some great writing.
Apple TV is killing it right now

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Foundation is pretty good. It's....... not exactly a faithful rendition of the original, but actually closer than I was expecting.

They had an impossible job in the first place, the original was a masterpiece, but about as difficult a work to adapt for the screen as you could find. I still would have liked to see the original version done. You remember when Sean Bean died in game of thrones, and half the audience quit watching because it seemed like the story was over? In the foundation books that happens every 50 pages. Heinlein wrote "Past Through Tomorrow" which tells the story of an entire universe across maybe 50 stories, each with a different cast of characters. That kind of thing is really hard on a marketing department.
This just popped up on HBOMax. I think it can be placed in the "end of the world as we know it" file.


Naked Attraction. It's kind of a Dating Game show, in which the girl picks one guy, among several, that she wants to go out with. The guys stand behind a screen, the top of their bodies not visible, and the girl looks at their, uh, wieners.

After she picks her favorite wiener, the guy comes out, she gets naked, and the guy gets to assess her Ts and her A and her lady parts.

Some segments, to be fair, reverse the genders, And, uhh, . . . I guess I have nothing more to say.
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Dan Harmon's new series Krapopolis is great (especially Ep. 3 about domesticating wolves), plus it has the voice of Matt Berry who has an amazing gift for delivering lines

Ashoka on Disney+ is pretty good too.
The actors are awesome, sadly the action scenes are not.

Even sadder still, the old dude who plays the evil jedi with so much inner conflict.... is dead IRL.
Dead at 59 after complaining of chest pains. Damn.

Just watched the fall of the house of Usher, pretty good show, the ending wasn't as satisfying and mysterious as I hoped it to be, but overall pretty solid show.
Loki was a good run but i didn't like how it ended. Also didn't seem like a very original ending.

This new show The Curse is another hit for nathan fielder. lampooning those house flipping gentrification couples on hgtv
Trailer sucks but the show is funny. The sex scene was one of the most uncomfortable things i've ever seen.

Delicious in Dungeon

It's dubbed in ENGLISH on netflix, but all of the trailers are in japanese.. IDK why there's no english trailer, whatever.
This is one of the strangest shows I've ever enjoyed... it's bizarre.

Very "gamified" story about a clan doing a dungeon crawl, with PRIMARY FOCUS on recipe and cooking of various dungeon monsters.
If these characters aren't eating, they're thinking about where to get their next meal.

It's like a video game on a 'hardcore survival mode' or something with a huge focus on food.

Great to see Aunt Jodie working again (no relation unfortunately lol)
That said .. it's 2024 I can't believe we're still doing this racist shit, presenting Indigenous people with mystical powers.

It rubs me the wrong way, maybe because that stereotyping was such a strong themeatic presense in The Curse
Still enjoying the production

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Final Season of CURB is two episodes in... and... Holy shit is Larry going to end this series exactly like seinfeld?
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