What Projects are you starting in 2022?

Hoping not so much to start any particular project in 2022, but maybe stop watching all you guys from the sidelines and finally make progress on a project that keeps getting interrupted.

Generally, I'm a great believer in the idea that no time is "wasted" if it allows one to develop a clearer idea of what one wants to do - or how to do it ... but watching the exchanges on this forum over this last year (and even this last month :D ) I've begun to wonder if the curse of "creative differences" is something that'll make my idea unworkable. :scared:

In the meantime, I've stupidly talked myself into yet another stint of salaried employment in an organisation that's completely devoid of all creative thinking ... but at least it means I've got a monopoly on imaginative solutions to all the problems they create for themselves. :crazy:


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Look at this prize list for a local tri-state festival

Best Narrative Feature ($1,000 prize)
Best Documentary Feature ($1,000 prize)
Best Narrative Short ($250 prize)
Best Documentary Short ($250 prize)
Best Animated Short ($250 prize)
Best Cinematography ($7,000 value in camera and post rental/services)
DMV Film Award ($1,000 prize)

Really sends the message that all people are interested in is the cinematography