What are you working on?

Simple thread: What are you working on right now?

It's hard to keep track of all the different projects that everyone's involved in, so just post here and let everyone know what you're up to!

Are you writing?
Are you on location, filming?
Are you in post?
Are you concentrating on your day job?
Are you at school?
Are you fundraising?
Are you fallin' in love?

Whatever it is, lay it down here!
I'll go first.

I'm currently out in New York for a few days, so I'm doing limited work (although I've been writing blog posts and touching up a few other pieces of writing).

I'm also overseeing the post-production for The Flight of the Flamingo which involves, at the moment, working with poster designers and printers so that we can start fulfilling the perks that we offered on IndieGoGo. Over the next couple of days I'm going to be sending out posters to all our US funders (after hand delivering a couple last week in Boston). Other than that I've been trying to keep all the actors and crew excited, as well as working with a couple of fine Indietalkers to do the titles and edit.

I'm also working on two feature screenplays. One is my own project which I am enjoying but doing nice and slowly, the other is a rewrite job that I got for which I can't muster any enthusiasm and which is taking ages. They make a quite nice contrast though and the rewriting is giving me a different perspective on how scripts come about.

I also have to write an essay on Chaucer before I go back to university in October. Isn't that exciting?
I just finished up day two of production on a comedy web series. The whole project is in sort of a semi-pre-production and semi-production state. The scripts for later episodes haven't been written yet and we had to start shooting a few days ago, otherwise we would have lost a location we really needed. Right now I am reviewing the footage, and will probably motion track it, as some of the shots need it, then spend the next two days writing.


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I'm taking my feature "Surviving Family" to fests, while promoting it actively everywhere I can (like this little mention, plus facebook, twitter, blogs, and all that fun stuff).

I'm re-writing - again - a thriller that takes places in a trading room that I've been working on for a long time but haven't gotten quite where I want it.

I'm tossing around ideas (in my head, mostly) for another, lighter script that would involve a road trip with a newly-divorced 30ish woman and her recently unemployed mother.
Nick - That's exciting man. What's the post schedule, when do you expect to wrap it up?

A lot has happened for me the past few weeks. Taking on a new weekly client and moving to Houston from the Dallas area in week! I'm actually setting up a small studio in an airplane hangar at a small airport there and will be living there too. There's an apartment and a few offices built out in there.

I'm commuting back and forth to the Dallas area quite a bit working with the Invision team. It's only 4 or 5 hours each way. We're shooting 3 or 4 shorts the weekend of the 27.

Finally, in pretty heavy preproduction for a feature shooting late spring/summer of 2013. I'm sure I'll be talking A LOT more about that in the next several months.

It was a slow summer for me, can't wait to see how fall turns out!
Currently doing band-stuff, artistically. Have a couple shows lined up (15th, 19th and 10.5 here in Pittsburgh, a late-October date in Erie), working on some new material. Recently played some shows in Erie and here in Pittsburgh. We just got stickers printed, and t-shirts should be ready soon (we're doing silver on black). On deck for arrangement I've got an original instrumental I wrote, a couple vocal songs Virginia wrote and one I wrote, as well as a stack of traditional songs (working on "O, Death", "Omie Wise" and "Twa' Corbies" next, with "The Foggy Dew" soon to follow)

I'm also going to be composing/arranging some new age/ambient music for a co-worker's meditative hebrew chant music. The cds he has released have some astounding vocal harmonies/choir work, so attempting to write some electronic music to compliment that will be an interesting challenge. And I'm getting paid.

Film-wise, I have a few projects pending, but nothing at the moment. I really want to be doing more features rather than shorts, but a friend has a body-horror (think Videodrome, Tetsuo) short that is a great script, so if he gets his act together, I'll be doing that. He's also getting back into comic books, and we've talked about doing a comic score. That could be a fun and unusual project, developing skills in new directions!

Oh, and I leveled up in my day job. I am no longer receptionist, I am now Ebilling Analyst. A bit more money, crazy more work. Not sure I made the right move, but they wanted me. If I cared about a career, it's a huge leap (2 paygrades), but it's just a day-job to me. My boss is now a musician who likes low-budget horror, so at least we get along.

And on a technical level, I've been optimizing my Virus libraries (not to complain about free stuff, but screw all sound designers who don't put in categories, assign patches to the "favourites" category or give names like "Bass 43"). I'm trying to find ways to optimize my workflow. Also tweaking intonation issues on my main guitars. Need to upgrade the dulcimer at some point too.

Currently I am consuming way too much vodka.
Juggling the writing of two different feature length horror comedy spec screenplays, each with non-spectacular budgets but studio worthy.
Pre-development and research are forming up rather nicely.
Actual writing to begin very soon.
I expect to put in around 300hrs into each, hopefully having both screenplays to submit for coverage by the year's end before securing an agent to peddle my wares - while I begin on the next two spec screenplays!
(Until I can figure out a sensible distribution venue I think I'll be putting my writer/director aspirations on hold.)

And looking forward to the Second Annual MidKnightly Horror Short criteria about six weeks away!
I am about to shoot one FINAL scene for my film: Something For Someone and this is a huge boxing school scene where we have a casting Director to get us 150+ Extras for this shoot. Then we will be in post production for everything. Here is a quick pic of the event card we posted everywhere.
I'm heading into production of a parody/homage of Spaghetti Westerns that I am directing and today held a cast rehearsal.

We have secured a location nearby that is a re-creation of an 1880s pioneering town called Timbertown and will be shooting over two days next weekend on the 15th and 16th of September.

I am also developing a web series for YouTube as well as having multiple film ideas in the scripting stage ranging from shorts to documentaries and features that I intend to put into production sometime in the future.
The most immediate thing is that I am going to be in Laredo, TX next week to attempt to finally settle my late father's estate.

Next closest is that I am developing a TV series to be pitched to networks in three weeks or so. My fourth attempt at a clear and concise synopsis was a total failure, so a fifth shot at it is in order. I have yet to begin the actual treatment. If the fake reality show doesn't get picked up, I'm going to shoot the pilot episode myself toward year's end.

At October's end, I will be in New York working on securing funding for a feature that still needs a major re-write.

Once the first series is pitched and the feature is either funded or not, I seem to have stuck my foot in my mouth and agreed to develop a sitcom, hopefully to premiere next Fall.

I am working on an automotive DIY webseries and am about a month behind the shooting schedule and falling farther behind by the day.

In the interim, I am still working 12 hours a day.
I'm balls deep in preproduction of my first feature The Tramp. Finished auditions for the main cast, have a couple of more locations to lock down and i'm ready to shoot!
In the final stages of post-production (making a last pass through for trivial tweaks and getting all our legal ducks-in-a-row with clearances, etc.) on a low-budget indie feature called Coup de Cinema -- a tale about a disillusioned film crew that takes over the latest terrible movie they're working on. Led by an upstart production assistant, they rewrite and reshoot to improve it behind the director's (and the studio's) back, all for the love of filmmaking.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/22768170
IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1776137/

Meanwhile, my collaborators and I are filling up the production void by releasing regular comedy videos to a YouTube channel @ http://www.youtube.com/HapstanceFilms -- might do some cross-promoting to get the feature some exposure if we're successful in building a following.
I'm currently writing a really short horror movie script which should run for about 3-4mins or so.

First time properly writing a script, quite hard to remember all the components that go into it.
Mostly in the land of shorts at the moment.

One short that I DP'd in March is getting finished up in Post-Production this week, and i in consideration for Fantastic Fest in Austin as well as for Toronto After Dark.

A short that I wrote and handed off to a buddy is holding a casting call today.

Another short that I wrote and am working on as a Producer/Director is still being budgeted out.

And while all that's going on I'm developing a few ideas that I intend to write as features. Looking forward to transitioning out of the world of shorts after these projects wrap up
All being well, we're gonna do a promotional video (about five minutes) related to this pilot show idea sometime in the next month. Perhaps I can be a bit less coy when that thing is up on YouTube. Also some nice progress on practical FX, and production Website is about 50% there.
Since finishing my film degree in May, I've been working on my half an hour short Paper Jam. The trailer for it will be coming very very soon, as soon as the VFX shots have been delivered to me. Even in its current state with unfinished sound, effects and colouring its really exciting to watch the edit, because I'm loving how it looks already.

This week I'm going to shoot an experimental short called Echo, which will involve my girlfriend walking into the sea at 5am. She is very excited at that prospect, and that might be a lie.
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Working on another live action script, finally putting together a website, scripting for a Kickstarter campaign for ani, Christmas shopping......:D
Well I'm now venturing in the film festival world! Hopefully I get my short film, The Old Man and the Lion, in some awesome ones!

Also, my film professor invited me to come to his film classes to screen the film, talk about making it, and maybe have some Q&A for aspiring filmmakers afterwards. So that should be exciting!!

But for the meantime, I'm starting to write a new short. Been busy with college lately so it's a bit tricky but I plan on finishing it before the semester ends this year!

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Remember our $10,000 grant from the Lansing Public Media Center? It came through and we bought the equipment and now we are knee deep in working on the 12 hours of original programming we owe for the next two years.

KNEE DEEP. Monthly half hour shows are a bitch, even if the format is free form.

But one of the monthly segments are my hilarious bourbon reviews, so I got that going for me.