What are you listening to right NOW!

Some years ago, back before the war with the Inuits, a friend had a soundtrack album from the movie Welcome to L.A. I particularly liked one song (and liked the movie as well, which had a studio scene of this song being recorded.) Anyway, I recently had occasion to think of it, and found it on the you tube. It still kind of knocks me out--a cool, to me, crescendo from low key to bombast, with a killer band, featuring the great Vassar Clements on violin. Just wondering what anybody else thinks of it. :)

When the Arrow Flies, Richard Baskin

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Speaking of complex architecture (Nate's bouncing balls)--here: Contrapunctus 9 from JS Bach's Art of Fugue. It's a double fugue: two different subjects, each for four voices. The first subject is sprightly, the second is the same simple bit of melody that is the subject for all the AOF fugues. It's a good object lesson, I think, on how something insanely complex can be, at the same time, insanely beautiful.

Unusual, for me, to share a Bach keyboard thing that Is not Glenn Gould (of course played with two hands.) But this little film is really nice. :)
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I am kind of shocked that another person knows who Glenn Gould is. I would be even more surprised if someone knew who Morton Gould was.
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I’m listening to four voices in my head all at once right now.

The show I’m on has two mixers handling four different interviews all at once. It’s a lot to listen to… on top of three PL channels in my ear.
Lang Lang playing the Bach prelude in C major from the Well-Tempered Clavier, book I. It's a beautiful performance of a beautiful piece, one of the few Bach things I can actually play. But, moreover, it is, to me, a beautiful little film. I've watched it many times, and--and I'm not sure exactly why--it frequently can make me . . . leak a little. From, you know, my eyes. Anyway.

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some times i wish
often I wish
that I never knew
some of the secrets of yours

some of the secrets of
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