What are you drinking right NOW!

He he, this is what I was drinking yesterday and I’ll get back to it soon - Little Things Cabernet Sauvignon from South Australia.


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Jefferson Ocean Bourbon Voyage 17 (probably my least favorite because it is the least salty). All that I have left in the house. I need to be able to get back to work.
It's 2:30 Monday morning and I'm celebrating with a BIG ASS vodka & orange juice and an Entenmann's donut! After 3 (maybe 4) months, my wife's finally home from the hospital. She still can't walk yet, but by the time I'm done with this drink, I won't either. I think I'll work on the Sour Cream & Onion Pringles next.
Vodka and cranberry juice, because 12 year Glenlivet didn't go with a Magnum ice cream bar (it fell apart when I dipped it).

A little late on my part, but thank you for the kind words, Mlesemann. The wife's still not able to stand, but we have two therapists (physical & occupational) starting this week. I told her that I'd take her dancing when she was up to it, which is scary since I haven't danced since our wedding. And our two sons, the 29 year old and the 49 year old (that's a WHOLE different story) are eagerly waiting to see dad trip... the light fantastic.
Very welcome and I'm sending good thoughts. No shame in tripping - just try not to fall as you don't want another round of medical issues from the celebratory dancing :)

And a Magnum ice cream bar dipped in Glenlivet does a disservice to both of those wonderful things.
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