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WTF is Timeful? Well, the antonym of Timeless of course! :D

This is the list of movies that proved not to be timeless after all. Timeless movies are great. But it takes, um, time to know if they are actually timeless. You always hear critics throw the term around with new flicks. But. Talk to me in twenty years. Anyway. List the flicks you thought would be timeless, but for you, just didn't age well.
I find films that rely on purely cutting-edge special effects to deliver their power usually seem unfortunately lacklustre in retrospect, as modern technologies have superseded their style and there is no strong dialogue that can maintain the audience's interest (although there are of course exceptions to this).

Such an example is the original 'The Quatermass Experiment', which certainly maintains its suspense in some scenes, but the final desperate rush of the army to stop the alien spores spreading from under Westminster Abbey appears almost comical, they're more like rabbits in the headlights than trained military personnel!
I'm probably throwing some future vision into here but these are just my personal opinions. With the end of the decade coming I think this is fitting. I think a lot of horror movies that people very much enjoyed this decade will become forgotten about within the next decade. I think there are some good contenders for cult classics like Creep, Terrifier, Babadook, and maybe Get Out and The Witch. (I didn't particularly like The Witch but I feel as though it has potential to be a cult movie in the future) However, I sincerely doubt that movies like The Nun, Sinister, It Follows, Hush, and a bunch of remakes of older classics are going to be remembered. Most of them are boring or just not unique enough to stand out to the new movies coming out each year. Not only does a horror movie have to be scary it also has to be different and unique. The more niche or bizarre the movie itself is the more likely it is to gain a cult following. Generic movies aren't going to stand the decades and frankly that's mostly what's been being pumped out when it comes to horror movies in this decade. A good 'scare' isn't enough to make a movie stand out because there will always be someone who thinks the movie isn't scary. (example: me) Cinematography is another thing I've noticed about some of the horror movies that have come out within the last few years. I understand a lot of critics admire good cinematography and as a soon to be film student who has observed film for most of their life I understand completely. A badly edited or even shot movie can completely derail what your going for. However, I don't think it's a good thing to completely rely on your cameras to do everything for you in a medium like the typical horror movie. Movies like It Follows got a lot of praise because of the filming and the cohesive plot. Personally, I never really understood the appeal of the movie (I found it a little boring if I'm being honest) and I don't think it will stand up very well with time. The camera angles are cool, and the story makes sense, and it's pretty original. However, I don't think it's really niche enough to be considered a cult film and it's not really groundbreaking enough to be considered a timeless classic. The shots are cool and all but it's not like anything new is being accomplished with the filmmaking or story writing so it kind of falls in this middle ground. In a few years people will probably look back at it and go "yeah that was a decent film, nothing special," and continue with their lives. I feel most of the other horror movies that came out this decade will not have such a happy fate. A lot of them will probably be noted for the bland story writing, the terrible camera angles, and CGI blood. I'm not even a "back in my day," kind of person in fact I'm pretty young myself. Each decade has strengths and weaknesses and horror movies are not one of the 2010's strength. I'm sure that some movies will be remembered, however, I think a lot more of them as cult classics then timeless. I think cult classics are better anyways when it comes to horror but maybe I'm just weird.