This is the best and worst day of my life.

Hello fellow filmmakers,

My name is Youssef Hanna, and today marks probably the best day of my life, discovering this forum. Well, not really but you get what I mean. Anyways this is also the worst day of my life because I got too excited signing up, I forgot to double check my username, and accidentally put two 'a's' in my last name, Hanna. So instead of having my name as the username, youssefhanna, I now have something that will haunt me forever.

Anyways, I just thought I'd come say hello, and if you're curious on what I'm up to, I'm currently in pre-production on my first short film, it's still untitled so, yeah.

Hope we could network in the near future, have a great day,

Youssef Hanna
You can't change your username in your profile somehow? :huh:

Welcome to the site anyway! :)

What is your main interest? Writing? Directing? Cinematography? Editing?
What sort of films do you want to make?