misc The re-rebirth of 3D movies?

Does anyone think the new Avatar movie will kickstart the 3D movie craze again?

... and much to my surprise, some tv makers are wiring some of their tv models for Active 3D (shutter glasses). Strange that they would do that for a gimmick thought to be dead.
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How many times has the gimmick thought to be dead returned?

Typically this gimmick starts in response to threats to the theater
going audience. 1950's - television. 1980's - home video. But now
with 3D TV (which kind of fizzled didn't it?) who knows? Creators
are always trying to make their product stand out. Maybe active 3D
will do that.

I don't think "The Way of Water" will kick off a new 3D craze. If it's
crazy popular that will be attributed to it being a sequel rather than
a 3D movie.
I'm waiting for true holography.

It exists in VR - because the entire environment is virtual it creates a literal hologram coming off the screen.
The problem is that the resolution is SD. Gonna be a couple of years at least before its in HD - maybe even more.

So yeah 3D movies aren't dead, people that own VR headsets all love them because the effect is extremely powerful in VR theatres.
The technical wizards out there have cracked the 'glasses-free' 3D problem in a way. They have put a lenticular lens in front of the tv screen so the viewer can see 3D much the same way you can see 3D when you look at one of those 3D cards or a 3D movie box with a 3D image on the cover. The challenge they are still dealing with is the limited viewing zones. lenticular 3D works very well, but you must be withing one the viewing angles or 'zones'. I think they have 9 zones now, which sounds great but if you happen to be between zones, you will see a double image until you shift over to one side or the other. One of the ways they are trying to solve the problem is with eye tracking. The 3D tv will track the person(s) in the room then offset either the video or the lenticular lens to make sure the people are in one of the viewing zones. .. and I've heard they are working on the same technology for a movie theater.. Wow, that would be a really big lenticular lens, and I think the movie would have to be rear screen projected to work with the lenses. I don't think they can project a movie through the front of the lenticular lens, let it bounce off the screen then come back out the lens to be seen by the audience. Maybe they can. I don't know.

Give them time. They'll figure it out..
<<<<<< Oh, and in the spirit of Avatar in 3D, my avatar is in 3D.


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Avatar, Way of water was amazing. 3D is never a reason to like or dislike a movie, but in this, the latest installment, Cameron and his team outdid themselves. It was deep. They did not 'throw' things at the audience. It mostly took place inside the screen. The editing is a big part of success for 3D movies; no MTV style quick cuts. They give you time to look around.. Did I feel like I was on the planet with the action? No, of course not. That's just marketing when they claim things like that, but it was well done. I don't think that this one movie will re-ignite the 3D craze this time though. People still remember all the awful 3D movies that came out on the coattails of the first Avatar, so many will conclude, as I have, that Cameron may be the only qualified film maker to pull this off. I believe he started his career as a special effects camera person and that may be why he understands and respects the technology more than others.