Sundance news
"For the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, 110 features were selected from 4,042 submissions."

The submissions are up notably from 2011's 3,811 submissions with 118 being chosen for showing, of which "about 40... will get any kind of distribution at all"

It will be interesting to follow distribution news.
(2011's: )

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Taken from Rik's first link (apparently this counts shorts, as well as features):

sent it off to Sundance, which each year receives about 10,000 entries — short and feature-length — and ends up showing about 200
I dunno what to make of the story, tbh.

On one hand... he's finally got a deal of some kind going...

On the other hand, he had to get three films to show at Sundance before actually achieving that deal. That's probably three instances more than most of us will ever accomplish in our lifetime. :(

We're either going to be that weird freak who never knew when to call it quits, or (if successful much later) the underdog savant who stuck to their guns. :lol:

Filmmakers are nuts. :yes: